Want To Help Me Write An Album?!

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Yes, you read that all right.

I’m writing an album!


(No, I’m not going to be Taylor Swift.)

And YOU guys are going to be my helpers to make it.


Okay, these GIFs need to stop now…

What Is Actually Gonna Happen?

I’m going to be writing an album as a collaboration with all you amazing readers. I’ll be turning YOUR experiences into a song, into a collection of experiences, for you to keep and remember. Basically, you awesome readers anonymously tell me your experiences and I write songs about it. This album at this current point going to be called ‘7 Billion’, but if you have any name suggestions/ if I think of any better ones, this may change.

How Do I Enter My Experience That I Want You To Write A Song About?

I have created a page with a contact form for you to fill out your experience. To ensure everything STAYS anonymous, I have created a universal email for everyone to use as their email when the contact form asks for that information- sevenbillionsubmission@outlook.com. To make it easier for me to write a good song that properly represents your experience, include any metaphors, similes, personification or other adjectives/descriptions that you feel apply best to your experience that I can go by. I will do my best to include them in the lyrics, meaning you being able to know which song is yours!

Am I Guaranteed A Spot In The Album?

The short answer is no. If I get too many submissions, I won’t be able to include everyone’s experiences and songs in the album for obvious reasons (could you imagine an album with 50 or more songs? OMG.) BUT instead, I will choose my favourites. (HINT! The more description you give me, the easier it will be for me to make the song, thus making me more likely to pick yours.)

What Genre Will The Album Be In?

I’m obsessed with so many different types of music, so it will have a bit of everything, but the regular vibe I’m going for will be something a bit like ‘Panic! At The Disco Meets Halsey, Melanie Martinez and The Dear Hunter.’ If you don’t know what that means, then I strongly recommend you listen to all these great bands/solo artists to give you an idea!

When Does It Come Out etc.?

More information on release date, cover picture, platforms it will be released on, prices, pre-releases and other important details will be released on this blog as more decisions are made, and you will be the first to know! Be sure to check back often (hint: follow button!) to see if I have released any new information.

Other Details/ Regulations:

  • Please do not comment your experiences- ONLY EMAIL PLEASE! Feel free to leave other comments that are not experiences, though 😀
  • If you do not want to be anonymous that is also completely fine, just leave your name at the end of your submission. Please use the submission email in the form, however.
  • Please do not use my other contact form (made only for blogger/brand collaborations and other forms of contact) for submissions.
  • Please only submit your experience once!
  • I’m not using my own experiences because my life is really boring and there would be ten songs about lawn mowers and today’s menu at the school cafeteria. XD
  • I will still blog about my normal categories etc., every Wednesday and Sunday- this album will just be a work in progress behind the blog as I go about my everyday life.

You have no idea how excited I am to publish this post. I’d just like to thank you for your submissions if you do end up submitting something- I can’t wait to begin this journey doing what I love and making you guys a part of it.

Please share this post- reblog, etc. The more entries the better (and the closer I actually get to Seven Billion!)


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