No posts are sponsored unless otherwise stated. I will never hide the fact that a post is sponsored and will only recommend what I think is best for my readers!


Nearly A Princess Blog 2015-2016. All photos, blog and Instagram, are mine and are not to be taken without my full written permission. Please see my Contact Page if you would like to contact me to take any of my photos. If you use them without my permission please link the photo back to my blog and give my blog a mention. Thanks!

Guest posts and collaborations

I will only collaborate for free with fellow bloggers. I try to collaborate with everyone, but of course this is not always possible as I have content to post too! If I can’t reply or collaborate, don’t take it personally, I still love you! 🙂


I will never take anyone else’s posts. If I do want to share someone else’s blog posts or photos I will only use the reblog button to put credit back to the original blog. Please don’t take any of my work without permission. I work hard on my posts and I would like it to remain mine! Feel free to reblog with that trusty ‘reblog’ button so I can get credit.


I will only need your PO address to send you your prize and will only need it if you win the competition. Chance is normally the decider for who will win. I will not request any money from you, and if someone who seems to be me asks for details before the end competition date or money, DON’T REPLY! I want all my readers to stay safe.

Any issues with what I’ve posted or done? Contact me! 🙂

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