Five Things Beauty Bloggers Don’t Tell You

The blogosphere is the most amazing place I think is to exist on this planet… and it’s deceiving, crazy, demanding and irrational. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a little too far but you know what I mean… if you’re in the beauty blogging world. Beauty bloggers don’t tend to tell you very much, but I decided to expose ALL THE SECRETS. Mwhahaha!


We’re not all in it for the money and free stuff- but seriously, it’s epic and it’s probably 25% of the reason we do it. Like, who doesn’t want free stuff?! *sigh* Someday my favourite brand will notice me…


Our lives aren’t all white spaces and expensive makeup- in reality, we’re all just binge watching TV with pizza and our phones in terrible lighting. Most beauty bloggers use fake lighting and softboxes for their photos to make them look brighter- and not to mention the event of buying expensive makeup is very rare, so the times we do buy it, we post it on ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA, making it seem like we buy it all the time. I personally spend most of my money on ice cream…


We’ve got our problems, just like everyone else in the universe- we just don’t fess up to them, hence making our lives seem perfect.


We have no idea how to do hard makeup feats that we watch videos on. That shiz is difficult. Whoever has been able to do up a nose?! Only sorcerers can do it.


We always try to take the cheapest way out- preferably free options. Free website hosting. Free themes for our blogs. The cheapest camera we have (our phones). We’re all total cheap stakes. No-one has ever gone to one of those lamp sessions that apparently makes your skin a glow fest. Like, $99 a session? 3 sessions a week? Ain’t nobody got time (or money) for dat.

Anything I’ve missed? What is your reality as a beauty blogger, or a blogger in general?


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