Taking Your Blog Photography To The Next Level

Photography is simple and a lot of fun, but there are a bunch of really handy tips that I have learnt that can help you make your photography stand out from the rest. The great thing is that we’re always learning- I have been doing photography for a little while but I am constantly learning tips from everyone and everything- but I still have some advice I think any blogger can definitely use.


It can save a life. I think that even if you don’t think you need it, you should definitely try and edit your photos before uploading them. I absolutely love PicMonkey, it’s free and has a great amount of easy to use features. I love using it for adding text and increasing exposure on a dark photo. When editing a photo, I suggest:

  • Increasing the exposure
  • Increasing the contrast
  • Adding around 5% more clarity (it makes the colours pop and make the lighting look better)
  • Decreasing the shadows

if you like, you can also add filters and ‘time of day’ layers. If you can be bothered uploading your DSLR pics to your phone, I highly recommend using Camera+. The amount of options and the power it has to make a photo look amazing is incredible.


Before editing


After editing


By this, I mean background. I always try to go for a white background, sometimes with a hint of pink, purple and/or rose gold. You know what I mean…

If the photos you usually take are of things that aren’t planned out, of for example of a bedroom set up, try to pick backgrounds that will match up with the rest of your blog, such as a wall or desk.


You can also DIY your backgrounds, too. You don’t need a really nicely painted wall. Some cheap and easy ways to make a great background are…

  • A blank white canvas (you can also paint it any colour you want!)
  • Wrapping paper wrapped around cardboard
  • A graffiti wall
  • An iPad/computer case
  • Blankets
  • Pillowcases
  • Clothes
  • Photo frames
  • Desk
  • Your bedspread


Spend a few minutes writing down what you would like the main photography theme to be. Choose colours, patterns and angles you would like on your blog and stick to them- you might even want to go out to an old craft store or $2 shop and get fabrics and other things you can use as props or backgrounds. Play around with you ideas for a while and take a few stock photo shots to see how it looks. If you like it, you can use that as your theme from now on!

Do you have any really helpful photography tips you’ve found helpful?

Screenshot (122)


6 thoughts on “Taking Your Blog Photography To The Next Level

  1. i absolutely love this. photography is one of the things i struggle with but am trying to improve on and this is so helpful. a thing i use for my shop photography is actually curtain samples… a lot of curtain sites will send you up to 7 free samples of curtains in one go and they make brilliant backdrops. 😀

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