How To Prevent A Bad School Year

So everyone has been at school for a few days now, and you’ve probably just settled into your new class, teacher and the smell of the new paint they did over the holidays. This first or second week is probably the most crucial to ‘determine your fate’ for the next 12 months of your school life. So, in case you think you may be steering in the wrong direction, here’s how to use this crucial time wisely. Yes, I am talking about school like it’s the Hunger Games because that’s exactly what it is.

The biggest thing that’s going to happen at this point in the year is the first impressions you give to teachers and students alike. If you’re starting High School this year (like me) there are going to be a lot of new kids, and you may even be one of them. This means a bunch of new kids to send messages to, so here’s how to do it.

Although it may not seem it, pretty much zero percent of kids like that kid who’s disrupting class and sending the teacher off the deep end. You’re probably familiar with that scenario where the teacher says something and you know this is gonna be a show. You may as well grab the popcorn. Why? Because there’s that one kid who is going to be getting ten detentions in the next ten minutes. And while this person may have a gazillion friends and a huge squad out at lunchtime, in the classroom everyone is just wishing they’d shut up for just one hour. So do your reputation, class and teacher a favour and DON’T BE THAT PERSON. It gives off allllllll the wrong vibes.



No matter how many new kids there are or whether you are one of the newbies or not, there are gonna be bullies who have been here forEVER and aren’t going to give you any ‘grace days’. They’re going to be mean to you the first chance they get. You don’t want to look like that person who’s going to be bait for the rest of the school year. First of all, don’t change yourself for them! Secondly, don’t sit back and take it, because they will make you number one target if they know they’re gonna get to you. Show those idiots on the first day that you’re not a coward. Make a stand and show them that your personality is way richer and full of amazing things than their stupid comment was.

Finally, make friends NOW. Don’t wait until the cows come home to sit with the group of girls who look nice, spend the next few days jumping from group to group until you think you’ve found the kids who click with you. This could be the first squad you meet or the last lonely girl you say hi to, but take however long you think it will take to find your tribe. I promise you, they’re there somewhere. Be your absolute self with them and see what happens!

Now that you’ve got the right messages out to kids, it’s time to focus on how to get the teachers to realise you’re no dunderhead.

The first step to this is really the same as the first step for the kids. Just be an *okay* student until the teachers seem to know you well enough. I can normally tell that the teachers know me after they know everyone’s names well enough that they don’t hesitate or ask for a hint. Not just yours, but everyone’s.

For the next week or so, make sure every piece of homework is in either on time or before the due date. Teachers can tell a lot about how they’re going to get on with people by how the students go about their homework. If you show in just the first week or two that you’re a reliable student with homework tasks, there’s more likelihood that teachers will give you extensions when you need it or grace off one test if you were sick for a day. It’s like an unofficial ‘school insurance’ and you’re going to need it for when you need a legitimate extension or excuse.


Finally, without becoming a suck up, show that you’re interested in what you do and are willing to take charge of your own learning (even if neither of those things feel very true). Ask for help if you need it, answer as many questions as you can and take advantage of the people, clubs and services there, they are there to help you.

I would like to wish everyone good luck for the 2016 school year and I hope that everyone survives. Yes, this is still the Hunger Games.

Screenshot (183)

PS. I’m still trying to decide what my schedule for posting is going to be now that school is well and truly underway. I would like to post at least once a week, but until then I’ll be sticking to my normal one (Wednesday and Sunday) until I figure what to do. Chat soon!


5 thoughts on “How To Prevent A Bad School Year

  1. Omg! My school feels like the Hunger Games, I am in Year 7 too! I have hanged out with a group of friends for a year or so, but I don’t feel that they are into the friendship like I am. I have found a new group of friends, but I want to hang out with both of them and neither of the groups like each other 😬 So I’m going to solve this out like Sherlock Holmes 😂 Good luck!
    xx Angie

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      1. Definitely! I would be a good Sherlock Holmes, wouldn’t I?! xxxx Cant wait for your album, I have decided to make a magazine called ANGEL LOVE MAGAZINE! What do you think? Shoot me an email!
        xx angie

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