Bella Makeup Brushes 24 Set Review

I love online shopping. It gives me a chance to scope out amazing deals, do as much window shopping as I like without getting judged and be able to do it in the comfort of my very own home. A great online shopping website I found was I was scrolling through make-up brushes and found this really nice-looking, all around set with 24 brushes for only $20! I figured that it was an offer too good to miss, so I took my chances and ordered the brushes.

I figured it wouldn’t be a great set, but it would be good to have some good brushes that did some things that other brushes I owned couldn’t do. However, I was really surprised!


These brushes came from North Melbourne and I live in Melbourne, which may not sound like a while away but to be honest you never know with snail mail! However, I was very pleased when the purchase arrived in two business days- one less than they had said it would take!


These brushes were AU$20 with no shipping cost which is US$14.37, £9.83,€12.93 and about the price of a standard movie ticket (if you use a different currency!). Yup. I just saved all of your international lives. You’re welcome.

As for the brushes, this is an amazing price for a 24 set- most brushes cost $20 each so this is a great bargain.



Not only is there a lot of brushes, there is a great variety. Foundation, contour, highlight, eyeshadow, lips… you name it, this set has a brush for it. There is even a little mascara wand you can use (which has great application).


Not only are these brushes incredibly soft and stay that way even after being used and washed, the bristles don’t fall out, even the pony ones. I have used and washed each of these brushes load of times and I can say happily that all of these brushes are reliable and very useful for all forms of application.



This set comes with a travel case for safe keeping- each brush has its own little compartment and it comes with a booklet so you can look at which brush is which.


Overall, I’m extremely happy with this product. Many people would think this product to be dodgy or just not that great, but these brushes are just as soft as the brushes from designer brands that are expensive and popular and for about a tenth of the price. I’m not a huge fan of the wooden and plain packaging, but it has given me an idea for a D.I.Y. to show you guys soon so it’s a win-win. This product easily gets a 10/10 and I would recommend it to everyone whether you’re just starting out with makeup or experience for years.

If you missed the link before, you can buy the Bella Brush set here!

Have you guys tried Bella Brushes yet? What did you think?

Please note: this post was not sponsored in any way, I bought this set entirely with my own money and all opinions are my own. All sponsored posts will state so at the very start of a post.


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