Things To Inspire You

You don’t have to look in Antarctica to find enough inspiration for one song, one blog post, one project, one book, one idea. You can find inspo ALL AROUND YOU. Many people find it hard to believe this when they hear it because it’s easy for us to get carried away with what we wish we could achieve. But all it takes is one person to show you all the things you can be doing in just one place, and today I’m going to be that person.


Something that has always inspired me when I thought I couldn’t be inspired is photography. It forces you to think outside the square in one place and create something amazing. Play around with focus, contrast and even filters to create something that’s perfect.


If I want to find something relatable to write about, I love to listen to a podcast called Mamamia Out Loud. It has been labelled as the ‘Best New Podcast’ by Apple and has three women chatting about awesome, thought-provoking but not boring topics that sometimes have me screaming ‘OMG I HAVE BEEN WONDERING ABOUT THIS!!!’ The best upside is that instead of sounding like a formal interview it just sounds like three friends chatting, so you can imagine yourself chatting about it with your readers.


Raiding your own things is ALWAYS a good idea. ‘OMG, I forgot I owned this!’ ‘I thought that had run out?!’ ‘I never got around to opening this, it’s actually amazing!’ Etc. Sometimes the biggest treasures are the ones you forgot existed.


However, at the heart of all this and all the ideas you’ve had since is the most important thing. YOU. Yes, I know it sounds corny but I promise you it’s true. When you’re creating ideas, the best thing anyone could ask for is for you to shine through your work. If thinking of an idea where your personality hides a bit is hard, just be yourself! Rant on your blog, take a photo of whatever you feel shows something about you,  or base that character in your latest novel off yourself! It’s where the most detailed and perfect ideas come in.

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Where and how do you get inspired?


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