Photography On An iPhone

I talk a lot about photography on this blog, and I always recommend getting a good camera because it really does help so much. However, I know that not everyone has an incredible DLSR just lying around, or the money to buy one (they really are incredibly expensive!), so we have to resort to an iPhone. That’s why today I wanted to cover how you can still take stunning photos from your iPhone with a bit of good lighting, editing and luck.



 The lenses will vary from model to model, even from phone to phone. If you have cracked your phone in the past or gotten some dirt on the camera, it will look slightly different. Spend a little while learning about your camera lens- take some photos and c0mpare it to a friend’s or the ones you took on an old phone. For example, my friend’s phone lens has a slight blue tint- we’re not really sure why, but it helps because it means we know vaguely how a photo is going to look when she takes it, and how she should go about editing. These kinds of observations can help you take the best photos.


Get some great editing apps like Camera+ on your phone and learn about how you can take the editing to the next level. Some of the most important things that don’t get recognised enough when editing are contrast, exposure, sharpness, shadows and  saturation. Editing is difficult and takes a lot of practice but once you’ve got it your photos look amazing.


Having still hands is must when taking photos on a phone- otherwise, the photo goes blurry and doesn’t look that great. Phones tend to make photos really blurry if even if you shake only the slightest amount. Some people buy mini iPhone tripods which can be very handy, so if you’re not that good at holding a phone still, you might want to invest in one If you don’t want to, focus on keeping still- hold your breath, keep the phone as close to your body as possible, etc.


By this, I mean take a lot. Not just to try different angles etc., but just so even the tiniest of things can be avoided. Take a burst of photos so pick the best one. That way, if you’re shaky in a few, you’ll still have a few that look great.

What are your tips on taking photos on your phone?

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