Blog Posts To Write That Will Gain You Lots Of Traffic

I’ve talked a lot about blog traffic before, and personally, I think there are some things that just work, full stop. Writing quality posts that are SEO friendly are very likely to work quickly and effectively. There are some things every blogger will probably look up at some point, or be really excited to see in their reader- and this list is just some of the posts that will do that for you.

A list of blog post ideas- This is a really big one. The number of times a beauty blogger has typed in ‘beauty blog post ideas’ or ‘fashion blog post ideas’ etc. is absolutely insane. If you want to get lots of traffic and saves, I recommend you write up a post with 50 or so blog post ideas for a certain type of blog.
A review of a popular product- This is really helpful for so many reasons. If someone looks up that popular product so they can do a bit of online shopping, they may stumble across your review in the process and read it before buying the product in question. This also is great because lots of your readers will want to know if the product is worth the hype, so writing a review of the product can confirm- or cancel- their purchase of the product- it’s helpful for all people involved.
Something exciting and different– I’ve done a couple of these in the past. My post, 50 Open-Ended Words To Give You Ideas, is my most popular post to date and I still have people reading it because it was exciting and different. I’ve written a lot of posts that were exciting and different as well (my ‘announcing my album’ post, my relatables post, how to prevent a bad school year), and I think it works a treat with getting lots of traffic.
A monthly favourites- At the end of the month, I always find myself reading every other blog on the planet because I absolutely love seeing everyone’s favourite things. You know that if it was on the list, it’s probably amazing. People love to see what’s hot and what’s not, so pick out all your favourite fool-proof things and share them with us!
Photography tips- I think this is an essential post to write. People are always saying that great photography equals great blog/social media, and so everyone wants to know how to do it. If you love photography and have a couple of tips you’d like to share, definitely share them!
Any post that will help people make money- Mainly online money-making tips works with posts like these, but if you have any tips for making money, quickly, easily and substantially, you’re going to find readers galore all over your blog and your stats. Because everyone wants some MONNIIIEEESSSS.


My mum is gonna be so proud of me because she watches Seinfeld.

Any mistakes you’ve made- This mainly works with beginners, because knowing about other people’s mistakes from the past helps us laugh at them learn more about what we shouldn’t be doing.
Any post with a captivating title that sounds epic and is SEO friendly- You could write about snails for all anyone cares and with a really interesting title, you I’ll have lots of people reading it. It takes people about two seconds to decide whether or not they want to read a post so your title is what’s going to drag people in. Make it fun and SEO friendly and you’ll have readers in no time.


What posts have you made that got a lot of attention?

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