Building A Fashion Inspiration Capsule

I am always running out of ideas for things to wear. It can be kind of impossible! There are so many combinations and things you can mix together that it should seem easy, right? Well, it’s not always, as I’m sure most people who read this blog can understand. I was sick and tired of never having any inspiration, so one weekend I took out all of the junk from one of my cupboards and turned it into a fashion inspiration capsule! It was lots of fun and I feel like everyone should have one, so I’m sharing the ‘procedure’ here today.


The first thing I did was take three clothing pieces that I don’t wear very often but really should. I made sure there was one shirt (something that only covers the top), one dress (something that covers everything) and a pair of shorts (something that only covers the bottom) so there was variety. I hung these three pieces up and added a little sticky note to it as to what I could wear with it and what vibe I could go for when wearing them. That way, I could always have some options as to what to wear when I have no inspiration. It looks really nice and it’s very useful!


I started by getting all of my favourite jewellery items and putting them into a mason jar. After this, I placed some of my old makeup that I didn’t really use anymore in a mug for decoration. The jewellery is there for both decoration and practical purposes, and I really like the burst of colour it gives to my wardrobe.


  • Positive affirmations about style (I have chosen ‘be fearless’, ‘there is no fun in perfection’, aspire to inspire’ and ‘don’t be normal’ to help me go outside my fashion comfort zone!)
  • A getting ready playlist
  • A nice picture because why not?
  • Luxury pampering items because it makes the place smell nice!


You know I wouldn’t be able to write this post without ranting about my favourite style inspirations and fashion staples of the moment. These are my absolute favourites right now:

  •  Anything denim (denim jeans, denim jackets, even overalls and stuff!)
  • Leather jackets (black makes me feel super cool)
  • Really dark lipsticks like plum, purple and black/brown shades
  • Pops of colour with mostly black clothes
  • Medium-length flowy skirts
  • Jumpsuits (as always, duh)
  • Wearing what makes me truly happy!

How do you gain fashion inspiration when you fashion brain is not working with you?

Screenshot (122)

I am on school camp right now (and probably dying), so this post is scheduled. I will be back 25/06.


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