When You’re Losing Faith In Your Blog

It’s always good to be looking for ways to improve your blog, but sometimes a high amount of comparison can make you feel like your blog is invalid, not good enough, lesser than those of others. I’ve been there. It’s hard to get out of this pool of worry and fear, but with a bit of a thinking flip and an eagerness to blog, anyone can come back from this slump even better than before.


Maybe you’re not posting as much as you know you should or you’re running out of post ideas really quickly. Finding the source of the problem can help you tackle it. I remember when my blog seemed bad to me because of my blog design. It took me a long time to finally find a design that worked for me, but when I found it my blog seemed to improve by around 428.8363%. No joke.


Have a giant brainstorm session, take lots of photos, write up stock posts, go on a huge shopping spree. Remind yourself why you love to blog. Getting yourself excited about what makes you truly happy gives everything you do and say that extra push. If someone is excited about something, the emotion is truly contagious, and your blog is no different.Your blog will feel like a much more enjoyable place when you are happy and make your readers happy too.


Seriously. Don’t do it. Quit saying sorry every time you publish a post late- we’re just happy to see something from you and don’t need a massive explanation. Stop saying sorry about that bug you had on your website or the bad lighting in a photo.It doesn’t help your blog and you’ll feel a lot better about your blog as a whole. For example…

Don’t say- Sorry about the bug I recently had on my website you guys, I fixed it now. Thanks for your patience!

Instead, say- Good news, you guys! I fixed the bug you told me about. Thanks for letting me know about it.

See? It acknowledges something without making you feel bad about yourself.


Close all the tabs you have open about blogging tips, blog traffic and the rest of them. This blog is about you. Not about the readers or companies. YOU. The whole reason this blog exists is because you had a passion that you wanted to share with the world and that’s how it’s going to be. Remember, you are the drive of this blog and you should be able to run it the way you want to and not have a single person that tells you that your blog is going badly. Your blog is amazing and you should not feel like the only reason you’re doing it is because of someone else.

How do you help your blogging esteem when you’re comparing and worrying?

Screenshot (122)


9 thoughts on “When You’re Losing Faith In Your Blog

  1. This is such a great post! Before – about three months ago – I felt so uninspired to post anything, and I thought my blog was terrible. Next time, I know your post is going to help me.
    Also, I adore your blog! I found you through the Artistics 🙂

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  2. Hi. Thanks for the tips. I started my blog a long time ago but never kept up with it. I am trying to get into the hang of it now. Would you look at it and give me a few tips? Also what is a good way to get more followers?
    The address of my blog is: myamazinstuff.wordpress.com
    If you do end up looking at it then please give me some pointers. And please be honest, I don’t like it when people lie because they dont want to tell the truth.

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