Ramadan- Q+A, Tips And Survival Guide

…Including 100 Things To Do When Fasting To Get Your Mind Off Food.

It’s Ramadan. Wow.

I could just leave it at that and leave you all here thinking ‘what is she on about?’, but the whole point of this post is to help any of my fellow Muslims fasting to survive and to teach all of my other readers about what Ramadan really is and what it really means.

That’s why I made this post- to help my fellow Muslim readers get through the month and to show my readers who are still confused about it all as to what it means.

I’ve got a Q+A, some of my best tips and even a list of 100 things you can do in Ramadan to help you get your mind off food. Are you ready for an insane blog post?

Let’s do this!

Let’s start with a bit of a Q+A about Ramadan…



In a nutshell, Ramadan is a 30-day-long Islamic month where all adult Muslims must fast from all food and drink during sunlight hours (you are able to eat whatever you want, so long as the sun is completely down!). During the winter, this is quite easy as the sun is only up for around 12 hours but in the summer, it is incredibly difficult because the days are much longer.

Not even water?

Why do you do it?

Weight loss.

Just kidding. It’s actually because we believe that our holy book was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad* in this month, so it considered to be a holy month and to celebrate we fast. The month is full of blessings, meaning that all good deeds we do are multiplied by at least 70 and many Muslims devote themselves to religious reflection and being kind to others. Ramadan is the month of fasting, and therefore Muslims fast every day and try extra hard to please God and do good deeds.

Who is allowed to do it?

Anyone is allowed to do it unless you fasting will put you in great danger health-wise, for example, if you’re pregnant, very sick or have a condition that means you will get hurt if you do not eat. It also isn’t compulsory if you’re travelling, but will have to make the fasting days up after Ramadan for the ones you missed. Most people will go to a doctor to get this reference as to what they should do if they believe it may not be safe for them to fast. It is firmly believed that fasting should never be dangerous, which is why it is not compulsory for children to fast (however, they can if they want to and it is safe) and for those who are sick.

When do you break and start your fast?

For me personally, in Melbourne winter, I stop eating around 6AM and start eating again around 5PM. I’m incredibly lucky! However, in London for example, where it is summer and the days are longer, they have to stop eating around 2:30AM and start eating again around 9:30PM! It’s pretty hard. It is fair, however, because the Islamic calendar goes by the moon, meaning that it goes backwards around 11 days each year. Soon in Melbourne I will have to fast in summer and London will be fasting in winter etc., so it is all fair in the end.

If you have any other questions about Ramadan, just comment them below and I will answer them and add them into the post!


Ramadan is hard, no matter what time zone you are in. However, there is a way to get out of this alive, so I’ve put together my best tips from Ramadan to help you through Ramadan!


Get lots of protein, water and caffeine if you need it. Eggs on toast, meats and legumes are great options for a protein-filled breakfast that will keep you fuller for longer. Try to have at least one glass of water if you can and a coffee/tea should you need one.


This is completely justified in Ramadan. Nap everywhere. I literally napped backstage before a performance during Ramadan once (for about half a second, but still). Go to bed after breakfast. Go to bed right before Iftaar and set an alarm for five minutes before (this is always the best feeling to wake up to). Sleep deactivates your hunger for a while and also kind of resets your tummy so when you wake up you will feel refreshed and ย more energetic.


Unless you want to die. Don’t. Do. It.


I can help you with that, actually. Behold…


  1. Nap
  2. Organise your makeup
  3. Try makeup tutorials
  4. Buy makeup
  5. MAKEUP.
  6. Have a super long bath/shower (use ALL the bath bombs)
  7. Listen to music
  8. Listen to Soul Food
  9. Listen to the world. Just the cars going by, the wind in the trees, your family chatting. Just listen.
  10. Read Quran
  11. Read a book in general
  12. Write a book
  13. Go chat with your family
  14. Write a poem
  15. Scroll social media
  16. Watch TV
  17. Chat with your friends
  18. Paint your nails (make Wudu first and take it off when it’s time to pray!)
  19. Blog
  20. Come up with blog ideas
  21. Scroll blog designs
  22. Renovate your blog
  23. Schedule your blog
  25. Try on all of your clothes
  26. Change your room up
  27. Go for a walk
  28. Go on a random train, ride it to the end of the line, and see where it takes you (make sure you don’t get lost, haha!)
  29. Write in a journal
  30. Watch a movie
  31. Read fanfiction (why not)
  32. Play Just Dance (maybe)
  33. Light candles and reflect so you can feel super Zen and shiz
  34. Write a song
  35. Overanalyse Fall Out Boy lyrics
  36. Overanalyse Panic! At the Disco lyrics
  37. Question everything
  38. Write down these questions
  39. Go shopping
  40. Go around in your suburb or whatever and look at stuff
  41. Read all the Tumblr text posts
  42. Read motivational quotes
  43. Help someone in need ๐Ÿ™‚
  44. Clear out everything
  45. Wash your makeup brushes
  46. Write a list
  47. Scroll the LOL section of Buzzfeed
  48. Stalk a celebrity online
  49. Go online shopping
  50. Browse dat boi (Because dat boi is the best)
  51. Make a travel wish list
  52. More nap
  53. Start a Ramadan diary
  54. Pamper your face
  55. Take photos
  56. Draw
  57. Dream of cool hair colours
  58. Read a Frankie
  59. Clear our your camera roll
  60. Dust your furniture (yep, I said that).
  61. Go to a furniture store
  62. Learn to contour
  63. Read blogs
  64. Do your homework (Uh-huh)
  65. Practise an instrument (Uh-huh)
  66. Make a blackboard
  67. Make your room more Tumblr
  68. Do colour swatches
  69. Shop ASOS
  70. Stalk people on Instagram
  71. Make flower crowns
  72. Buy flowers
  73. Make DIY succulents
  74. Buy succulents
  75. Chat with someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  76. Go to the park
  77. Listen to instrumentals
  78. Try out cool nail art and miserably fail
  79. Browse cool bedrooms
  80. Study (Uh-huh.)
  81. Move around (Why not)
  82. Sing
  83. Make soundtracks
  84. Make a new background for your phone/laptop
  85. Make loom bands (they’re surprisingly fun!)
  86. Do a magazine collage
  87. Write a fashion post
  88. Get up-to-date in politics
  89. Make a positive affirmations page in a notebook
  90. Practice handwriting
  91. Change your clothes just ’cause
  92. Even more nap
  93. Memorise a Surah
  94. Listen to the radio
  95. Binge watch TV shows
  96. Or movies.
  97. Or cat videos. Anything, really.
  98. Many a nap
  99. Get a date (the fruit, haha.)
  100. Well done! You’ve finished a day of fasting once again! Now EAT.

Ramadan Mubarak (Have a Blessed Ramadan)!

Screenshot (122)

*It is the religous practice that after the Prophet’s name, we send blessings unto him in Arabic, and the abbreviation for this is SAW, so please incorporate that into the post every time I mention his name.

8 thoughts on “Ramadan- Q+A, Tips And Survival Guide

  1. I’m also fasting this ramadan. Although we have it pretty easy, (from 6 to 5pm), sometimes it can get pretty hard when you’re watching others eat or getting bombarded with questions from your friends. These are great tips though ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much for this post!

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