Hello! I’m Hatsy.

I run this little blog of mine, Nearly A Princess. I am a total beauty addict, so you will see a lot of beauty on here, some blogging tips to help grow YOUR blog and pretty much any advice/rants in between!

Feel free to check out my Bloglovin’ and my Contact Page if you’d like to chat with me more or get updates every time I post! If you have any thoughts, questions or anything else you’d like to say, just drop a comment down below, as well as emailing me (which is on my contact page!)

I am open to blogger/brand opportunities, and more information about that is on my Disclaimer Page.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy reading more of my posts on my little corner of the Internet!

Screenshot (183)

(I’ve always wondered… what shape is the Internet? Like, if everyone as their ‘corner’ how many would it have? Would it be Nearly A Circle? Haha see what I did there HAHA it’s not funny.)


45 thoughts on “About

  1. Since nobody has commented about it: in my personal opinion, the internet is a spiral with spikes. Thank you for making such a cheerful blog!

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  2. What a great blog! Would love to read more of your thoughts on things that are happening in the world – you seem like such a smart person, I’m sure you have many thoughtful insights to share!

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  3. Hi Hatsy, (cute name btw) i’m Shreya from Pastel Orchid. Just found your blog through some mutual followers and I think it’s amazing! I just read your blog post about creating an album…that’s incredible! I love song writing, I do it a lot in my spare time:) Wish you all the best for future blogging and for your album! xx

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