Writing Blog Posts Last-Minute

For me it’s currently assessment season, so I’m often writing lots of blog posts last-minute after literally hours and hours of homework (on a side note, my grades are going pretty well, so I’m glad about that!). There’s a bit of an art to creating good and creative blog posts when you only have about 15 minutes to spare, so I’m covering some of my best tips to last-minute writing for when you need it most.


Not all posts can be written at the last minute, so here are thirty blog post ideas that will only take you about 20 minutes max to make.

  1. What have you been doing to grow your blog stats in the past few months?
  2. If you’re an organised person, give us some organisation tips (although, if you’re a very organised person, I’m surprised you’re reading this).
  3. Your bedroom décor staples
  4. If you’re a skilled cook or baker, show us a quick and easy recipe you’re good at!
  5. Write about your favourite music or podcasts
  6. A wish list of any kind
  7. Make a fashion post
  8. How you stay cool-headed when life is basically throwing stress at you
  9. Nail, lip or eye colours of the season
  10. Your long-term or short-term goals
  11. Things to be grateful for
  12. How you stay creative
  13. Pins you’re loving (if you have Pinterest)
  14. Why you love blogging
  15. Write a letter to a family member, your best friends, or someone you look up to
  16. A quick review of a product you recently bought
  17. An OOTD, FOTD etc.
  18. Things that help you feel happy
  19. A rant (about anything)
  20. Dealing with comparison
  21. Your favourite jewellery items
  22. Your favourite trends
  23. Things you couldn’t live without
  24. Your personal values
  25. Host a Q&A
  26. An Instagram round-up
  27. Your favourite online fonts
  28. How you stay motivated
  29. A first impressions post
  30. A bunch of photos you’re proud of


Get out a notebook and quickly jot down some dot points of things you want to cover throughout your post. Around four dot points is enough- choose to cover the most important things you want to get across and have a clear image in your mind of things you want to say. This takes about two minutes and will save you around ten.


You’re bound to have a photo on your camera that could be used for any generic post. Use this one. I know you’ve been saving that photo for a dire emergency but THIS IS IT.


Now that you’re sitting down and about to write your posts, keep one thing in mind: get to the point. It may make the post seem bland and empty to you, but waffling will waste your time and you need to explain things about half as much as you already do. If there’s something you want to put across, do it now and stop worrying about explaining anything.


After writing a post very quickly, it can be easy to miss things that you normally would use in a good post. Here is the ‘five check’, a five-item list of things you need to check quickly before publishing anything. This is incredibly important, even if you’re short on time, and it takes around one minute.

  • Use spellcheck to quickly look for all those silly errors
  • Look for broken links or any that you forgot to put in
  • Put your post in preview mode and check that it looks good in published format
  • Check that all headings, sub-headings and other dot points are correctly put in (some dot points will disappear after editing it a few times, so be careful!)
  • Categorise it according to what your post is about- make sure it’s not still under ‘Uncategorised’!

How do you write a blog post when you’re short on time?

Screenshot (122)


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