The Power Of A Blog Mood Book

I’ve heard so much about blogging mood books. They’re recommended very often to help you decide the posts you would like to create and even what your design for your blog looks like and what it’s based around. I always had put it off because it seemed silly- I have my blog ideas book, what else could I need? But after I created one out of boredom I realised how much I had missed out on.

  • You can decide how your blog unfolds- including theme, growing as a writer, what your blog is mainly focussed around and even things like who you want to follow and don’t want to follow. You can kind of call it your ‘online when offline’ place to record things about how you’re feeling in the context of your blog.
  • It’s all totally for you and there’s no pressure to make anything perfect. You can go absolutely wild with magazine clippings, photos, fonts and colours or just a blue and black biro plus a few ideas/ thoughts. It won’t get published online as prey for judgement- instead, it can be grown into something that you feel can be put up.
  • Without it, sometimes your blog can be a bit all over the place and you may not be sure about how you’ve changed over time, what really interests you and what you want to do next to continue to make your blog just that tiny bit better. It’s crazy how much you can record and keep track of with a book like this (and you know what Panic! said- Crazy does =Genius). In a nutshell, this book is a great way to keep track of your thoughts.

Do you guys have a blog mood book? What are your favourite things about it? If you don’t have one, are you planning to start one?

Screenshot (183)

(Have you guys seen my new announcement- I’m writing an album! Check out the details and how YOUR song ideas can be included here.)


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