Writing Blog Posts Last-Minute

For me it’s currently assessment season, so I’m often writing lots of blog posts last-minute after literally hours and hours of homework (on a side note, my grades are going pretty well, so I’m glad about that!). There’s a bit of an art to creating good and creative blog posts when you only have about 15 minutes to spare, so I’m covering some of my best tips to last-minute writing for when you need it most.

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Bella Makeup Brushes 24 Set Review

I love online shopping. It gives me a chance to scope out amazing deals, do as much window shopping as I like without getting judged and be able to do it in the comfort of my very own home. A great online shopping website I found was Catchoftheday.com. I was scrolling through make-up brushes and found this really nice-looking, all around set with 24 brushes for only $20! I figured that it was an offer too good to miss, so I took my chances and ordered the brushes.

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Things To Inspire You

You don’t have to look in Antarctica to find enough inspiration for one song, one blog post, one project, one book, one idea. You can find inspo ALL AROUND YOU. Many people find it hard to believe this when they hear it because it’s easy for us to get carried away with what we wish we could achieve. But all it takes is one person to show you all the things you can be doing in just one place, and today I’m going to be that person.

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The Best In New Music

New music is becoming better and better every day. The talent is growing, backing tracks are becoming more deep and exciting and is all over a lot better to listen to. I decided to share the best of the best in new music right now, from the hits to the ones you missed.

Alessia Cara- Know It All

This album is a mixture of funky pop, retro, and somewhat chilling vibes that you will be able to dance to, sing to and relate to. Alessia Cara became popular from her two songs ‘Here’ and ‘Wild Things’, and her entire album is a little piece of treasure everyone can and will enjoy.

Best Song On The Album: Seventeen

COIN- Coin

This band deserves a lot more attention than it gets and their album is upbeat and a great pick me up. I love the how clean and sharp the music is. Their new single, Talk Too Much, is amazing as well.

Best Song On The Album: Atlas

Daya- Daya EP

Daya has become HUGE recently with ‘Hide Away’ and ‘Don’t Let Me Down’, but her entire EP is magic and exciting. I never get sick of the songs and she’s just all around a great singer and artist. I really hope Daya writes a new album soon, it would be something to make my little heart sing!

Best Song On The Album: Thirsty

Foxes- All I Need

I am currently obsessed with Foxes- and I mean OBSESSED obsessed, like ‘my new favourite singer’ obsessed. I think her new album is so amazingly crafted and it never gets boring. I really hope more people notice her talent soon- she is so worthy.

Best Song On The Album: Amazing


I couldn’t write this post without mentioning Halsey. Her voice is incredibly different in a kind of magical way, and her backing tracks are still what I call the best in the world. Even if you’re not big on her music as a whole, her backing tracks are so perfectly crafted with so many layers and deep meaning.

Best Song On The Album: Control

Kita Alexander- Like You Want To EP

This Australian artist writes songs so wonderfully put together they actually make me quiver a bit. Okay, that might be exaggerating a teensy bit but you have to try Kita Alexander. The backing tracks are kind of metallic (if that makes sense) and her voice is brilliant. If you want to fall in love with a new song get this EP. You won’t regret it.

Best Song On The Album: High Tops

Melanie Martinez- Crybaby

Shhh don’t question it. Just get this album NOW.

Best Song On The Album: Dollhouse

Pentatonix- Pentatonix

These guys are more talented that I can even imagine. They, if you don’t know already, are an a capella group and you won’t believe that they do it all without instruments when you hear it first. Their music is bright and fun and did I mention how talented they are?

Best Song On The Album: Ref

Troye Sivan- Blue Neighbourhood

This guy exceeded all of my expectations. When I first listened to it, I was expecting it to be okay, but not amazing. Holy wow was I wrong. This album was so deep and well made that I actually cried during some of the songs. It’s a music coma you will fall into for days. You will love it.

Best Song On The Album: SUBURBIA


There’s actually a big difference with this one. All the reviews I read said the entire album was awful and that Shut Up And Dance was the only good song on there. However, I bought it anyway and I beg to differ on what everyone else is saying about it. Some songs could be better, but I think it’s such a funky album (and I’m not just referring to the hit on the album here) that is great to shut up and dance to. Too soon? Okay.

Best Song On The Album: Portugal

What are your favourite songs of the moment? Do you like or dislike the albums I’ve listed here?

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My Blogging Essentials

Every blogging needs some things other than their laptop to create a great and functional blog that you love reading.It varies for everyone because everyone works differently, but these things are the main things I love and cannot function without to make a blog that I am proud of. I figured that maybe you could take a bit of inspiration from my list and apply it to your blog if you haven’t gotten these things already, so these are my top four things I need each blogging day.


I don’t think I would be able to function without my camera. It’s my baby and best friend and I take it around with me everywhere I can. I use a Nikon D7100 which I absolutely adore because it takes really clean shots in good lighting. Without my camera, I wouldn’t be half as proud of my blog as I am today.



This is basically where all the magic happens. Each and every idea I have is written down in this notebook pretty much the second I think of it. Obviously for such a special thing, I use my favourite notebook from Kikki K and guard it with my life. It’s the most amazing thing ever, just saying.


Trust me when I say a planner has saved my life. By having something to refer to that I look at pretty much every second of the day, it can remind me of things I have to post, homework I have due before I can write and everything in between. It’s not just important or an essential, it’s my life. Once I literally broke down and cried for hours because I thought I had lost it and that everything was gone.


This tends to be books, magazines, and other blogs. Without these things, I can’t think of any ideas and my blog crashes and burns.

What are some of your blogging essentials that you need every single day?

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Great Online Fonts For Signatures

Whether it’s for the blog, your emails or even a hand-written letter (that’s still a thing?), having a fancy signature at the end of something is a good idea. I personally love my fancy little signatures at the ends of my posts- and often, people ask me what fonts I use for my signatures. I figured I may as well share my favourite free fonts for signatures off DaFont.com, one of my favourite sites to waste my life on that provides loads of free fonts.

  1. Chasing Embers (get it here)

My first ever font for my online signature and a gorgeous decorative font for every beauty blogger (and other style blogs also!), Chasing Embers is one of my favourites and a great font for your blog signature or personal use.



  1. Roomfer (get it here)

My current font for signatures and a playful yet dainty style, Roomfer is a great font for anyone who wants a great blog sign-off.



  1. Cookies and Milk (get it here)

This is a more playful and fun font for absolutely everyone from beauty and fashion bloggers to diary blogs. It is such a unique style and I am using it for pretty much everything at the moment!



  1. Master Of Break (get it here)

A curly and enchanting font, this is a great pick for a beauty or fashion bloggers who want to come off as someone easy to chat to, but love a bit of fancy and sparkles every now and again.



  1. Pale Blue Eyes (get it here)

This pastel-like font looks dreamy and enchanting. If you’re not a fan of fonts that join together like cursive, this font is for you as all the letters are individuals and don’t connect to each other.



  1. Bromello (get it here)

Just an all-around pretty and versatile font, you blog will definitely look immaculate and fancy as ever. This can be used on pretty much any style blog (unlike some of the fonts here that would only make sense on certain blog types) and is full of bubbly yet dainty font.



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Do you have a favourite online font? What is it?

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Ten Things You Need On Your Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list of some sort. Even if you haven’t written it down, you probably have a mental list, like, “Oh, I have always wanted to do _____________________.” Well, now is the time to make your bucket list ten million times more fun and exciting. These are ten things that are non-cliché, but still fun and moderately easy to do, if you try. Get out your notebook or virtual bucket list in your mind and start dreaming!

  1. GO TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL- Because they are full of super fun things to do, gives you the chance to discover amazing new artists and all your friends can do it with you. The best time to do this is during the summer because it’s nice weather and everyone’s got nothing to do because it’s holidays.
  2. LISTEN TO THE NEW FOXES ALBUM- Because your life will be so much better with it.
  3. GO SNORKELING IN THE GREAT BARRIER REEF- Because soon it will be too late and the Reef will be dead due to global warming. Like, soon soon.
  4. DYE YOUR HAIR A CRAZY COLOUR- Because life’s too short to not become a unicorn.
  5. HIT A THOUSAND BLOG FOLLOWERS- It’s a lot, but you can definitely get there with a bit of determination and hard work. Good luck!
  6. GROW AND MAINTAIN YOUR OWN LITTLE GARDEN, EVEN IF IT’S JUST A LITTLE STRIP- Because succulents are great, but an entire garden is a lot more rewarding and gives a lot more back to your little Earth home (note: the Earth is not little. Oh well).
  7. MAKE FRIENDS WITH AT LEAST ONE PERSON FOR EVERY LETTER OF THE ALPHABET- extra points if you can make friends with someone who starts with X. Try and add at least one person for each letter into your contacts so you can keep track of the letters.
  8. GET A FULL 100% ON A TEST- Because smarty pants.
  9. RUN A MARATHON- Because you’ll feel so healthy after it. You can get a free app like Couch To 5 K to help you, and some of them are really fun like a colour run and normally for a great cause.

What kind of stuff is on your bucket list?

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