I’ve Got Some Explaining To Do (+ Quitting Nearly A Princess)

I hate explaining myself to others usually, but I’ll give you guys an exception (haha)!

I started this blog because I wanted to express who I was to the world. The idea of the Internet is something I’ve cherished for so long and I really feel like the world doesn’t appreciate it enough. For so long everyone in society has felt like their words are just lost in the infinite space of the world and can’t get themselves across. But now all you have to do is write, draw or type something up and put it onto a platform online and anyone who feels like listening will hear you. And you can change the world.

So why am I leaving?

Because I’ve changed.

Over this past year and a half I’ve built a community of people who were listening to what I had to say. But now it’s different. I have different things I want to say. I’ve lost interest in telling you about the latest fashions or 10 reasons to start a blog- and I feel like there’s not much point keeping the community of 200+ people (!) listening to me talk about something that I’m not passionate about sharing anymore. Because I’ve found that without motivation and passion to express something, you’ve lost everything.

I will be starting a new blog, but it will not be linked to this one so if you do manage to find it, you won’t know it’s me (probably. Unless you’re some sort of tech genius). I’m not going to delete this blog, because I figured you might enjoy reading the posts I’ve written before, but this will no longer be posted on.

Oh, the album?

You’ll have to wait and see for that. It’s technically cancelled as it’s not going to be released as far as I’m aware BUT I may end up completing it one day because I’m bored and give it to you guys.

*slow clap for Hatsy. She cancels the album 7 days before it was due to come out. Good going.*

This post has been a long time coming, but I just didn’t know where to start. I had no idea how to explain everything. But I figured you guys needed to know why I’ve been gone for two months.

I honestly never thought this day would come, the day I decided to leave this blog. I didn’t think I’d grow out of this in nearly two years’ time, and you can actually see across my timeline of this blog how I’ve changed and grown from that eleven year old with a haircut that was probably illegal in most states to some weird and excitable thirteen year old who’s met hundreds of inspiring and amazing people from this device.

So what happens now? Well, I move on. I create something new somewhere else, build a new community. Some of you might stumble across my new blog and read that too. It really depends on your blog taste. But there’s not much point completely changing this space and force you guys to read some stuff you were never interested in, you know? You’re all pretty awesome people. Hopefully I’ll see some of you guys elsewhere, because this community is a pretty darn special one.

I just want to end this post by thanking everyone who’s ever read this blog, liked a post, followed me, commented, or made friends with me. It honestly means so much, and even though this blog is finished, I’ll never forget what an amazing community I’ve grown and learned from simply from reading and making posts about what I enjoyed and loved.

In typical Hatsy fashion, I’ll sign off with a bit of a collage of everything that has made up Nearly A Princess up until this point. It’s a crazy and cool world, isn’t it?

Love you all. Bye!



Photography On An iPhone

I talk a lot about photography on this blog, and I always recommend getting a good camera because it really does help so much. However, I know that not everyone has an incredible DLSR just lying around, or the money to buy one (they really are incredibly expensive!), so we have to resort to an iPhone. That’s why today I wanted to cover how you can still take stunning photos from your iPhone with a bit of good lighting, editing and luck. Continue reading “Photography On An iPhone”

Taking Your Blog Photography To The Next Level

Photography is simple and a lot of fun, but there are a bunch of really handy tips that I have learnt that can help you make your photography stand out from the rest. The great thing is that we’re always learning- I have been doing photography for a little while but I am constantly learning tips from everyone and everything- but I still have some advice I think any blogger can definitely use.

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Writing Blog Posts Last-Minute

For me it’s currently assessment season, so I’m often writing lots of blog posts last-minute after literally hours and hours of homework (on a side note, my grades are going pretty well, so I’m glad about that!). There’s a bit of an art to creating good and creative blog posts when you only have about 15 minutes to spare, so I’m covering some of my best tips to last-minute writing for when you need it most.

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Things To Inspire You

You don’t have to look in Antarctica to find enough inspiration for one song, one blog post, one project, one book, one idea. You can find inspo ALL AROUND YOU. Many people find it hard to believe this when they hear it because it’s easy for us to get carried away with what we wish we could achieve. But all it takes is one person to show you all the things you can be doing in just one place, and today I’m going to be that person.

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My Blogging Essentials

Every blogging needs some things other than their laptop to create a great and functional blog that you love reading.It varies for everyone because everyone works differently, but these things are the main things I love and cannot function without to make a blog that I am proud of. I figured that maybe you could take a bit of inspiration from my list and apply it to your blog if you haven’t gotten these things already, so these are my top four things I need each blogging day.


I don’t think I would be able to function without my camera. It’s my baby and best friend and I take it around with me everywhere I can. I use a Nikon D7100 which I absolutely adore because it takes really clean shots in good lighting. Without my camera, I wouldn’t be half as proud of my blog as I am today.



This is basically where all the magic happens. Each and every idea I have is written down in this notebook pretty much the second I think of it. Obviously for such a special thing, I use my favourite notebook from Kikki K and guard it with my life. It’s the most amazing thing ever, just saying.


Trust me when I say a planner has saved my life. By having something to refer to that I look at pretty much every second of the day, it can remind me of things I have to post, homework I have due before I can write and everything in between. It’s not just important or an essential, it’s my life. Once I literally broke down and cried for hours because I thought I had lost it and that everything was gone.


This tends to be books, magazines, and other blogs. Without these things, I can’t think of any ideas and my blog crashes and burns.

What are some of your blogging essentials that you need every single day?

Screenshot (122)

Great Online Fonts For Signatures

Whether it’s for the blog, your emails or even a hand-written letter (that’s still a thing?), having a fancy signature at the end of something is a good idea. I personally love my fancy little signatures at the ends of my posts- and often, people ask me what fonts I use for my signatures. I figured I may as well share my favourite free fonts for signatures off DaFont.com, one of my favourite sites to waste my life on that provides loads of free fonts.

  1. Chasing Embers (get it here)

My first ever font for my online signature and a gorgeous decorative font for every beauty blogger (and other style blogs also!), Chasing Embers is one of my favourites and a great font for your blog signature or personal use.



  1. Roomfer (get it here)

My current font for signatures and a playful yet dainty style, Roomfer is a great font for anyone who wants a great blog sign-off.



  1. Cookies and Milk (get it here)

This is a more playful and fun font for absolutely everyone from beauty and fashion bloggers to diary blogs. It is such a unique style and I am using it for pretty much everything at the moment!



  1. Master Of Break (get it here)

A curly and enchanting font, this is a great pick for a beauty or fashion bloggers who want to come off as someone easy to chat to, but love a bit of fancy and sparkles every now and again.



  1. Pale Blue Eyes (get it here)

This pastel-like font looks dreamy and enchanting. If you’re not a fan of fonts that join together like cursive, this font is for you as all the letters are individuals and don’t connect to each other.



  1. Bromello (get it here)

Just an all-around pretty and versatile font, you blog will definitely look immaculate and fancy as ever. This can be used on pretty much any style blog (unlike some of the fonts here that would only make sense on certain blog types) and is full of bubbly yet dainty font.



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Do you have a favourite online font? What is it?

Screenshot (122)