Building A Fashion Inspiration Capsule

I am always running out of ideas for things to wear. It can be kind of impossible! There are so many combinations and things you can mix together that it should seem easy, right? Well, it’s not always, as I’m sure most people who read this blog can understand. I was sick and tired of never having any inspiration, so one weekend I took out all of the junk from one of my cupboards and turned it into a fashion inspiration capsule! It was lots of fun and I feel like everyone should have one, so I’m sharing the ‘procedure’ here today.

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Five Things Beauty Bloggers Don’t Tell You

The blogosphere is the most amazing place I think is to exist on this planet… and it’s deceiving, crazy, demanding and irrational. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a little too far but you know what I mean… if you’re in the beauty blogging world. Beauty bloggers don’t tend to tell you very much, but I decided to expose ALL THE SECRETS. Mwhahaha!

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Bella Makeup Brushes 24 Set Review

I love online shopping. It gives me a chance to scope out amazing deals, do as much window shopping as I like without getting judged and be able to do it in the comfort of my very own home. A great online shopping website I found was I was scrolling through make-up brushes and found this really nice-looking, all around set with 24 brushes for only $20! I figured that it was an offer too good to miss, so I took my chances and ordered the brushes.

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If You Get One Thing This Month: April 2016

A lot happened in April. My brother’s birthday, school holidays (yay!), lots of assessments (not yay…) and it was quite an exciting month for the blog too. I had some really fun interviews with some amazing people and got to make quite a few new blogger friends. However, it is now time to say goodbye to an awesome month (and hello to my birthday month!) and round up all my favourite things from April that I feel like everyone should try. Let’s do this…

Makeup: After hearing a lot about it, I decided to go ahead and buy the Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Gloss in Little Minx. This double-ended wonder manages to last almost all day with a few retouches and has a lovely yet bold colour. The shine side with the clear, glossy finish also works a treat, and I’m currently working on completing my collection with all the amazing colours in the range!

Skincare: I decided to make exfoliation a part of my regular skin care routine, and found this amazing wash with microbeads and a hydrating factor which I am loving- the Garnier Daily Pore Scrub Wash. So. Much. Glow.

Album: April has been a big month of music for me. I have probably listened to and fallen in love with around 10 new albums- I’m not even exaggerating. However, the overall favourite for this month (and you have to understand how hard this was for me to choose) would be  One More War by Robot Child.  I like the different styles they have in there, and my favourite song would probably be either Inside or Ignition (The Man Who Was Never Made is amazing too!).

Clothing Item: I have a very picky taste when it comes to choosing jeans. They must be at least a little bit washed out, so no solid colours, a comfortable fit and something that I fall in love with straight away. I had grown out of all my favourites so I reluctantly parted with them, and went to the shopping centre to buy some new ones. The Dotti Girlfriend Jeans exceeded all my expectations and were perfect for me- definitely part of my favourites!

Book: This is easy, although I have read a lot of books this month as well. I love Sophie’s World, a philosophy book in the form of an exciting Alice-In-Wonderland-ish fiction novel. I found it so interesting and a thrilling read right through to the end that I just could not put down! The ending was a bit crud but other than that, an amazing read.

App: I have been obsessed with the Camera+ app (an app for editing your photos on your phone or iDevice) for aaaggggeess now, so I figured it deserved an honourable mention above all the other apps I have used this month. The editing tools are out of this world, and it can do literally anything you want it to do when editing. It even has a feature where you can put different filters on top of each other, which I haven’t seen any other editing app do well before. Five stars!

Here’s a list of all the posts with their links that I have made this month, so you can go back and catch up any that you’ve missed!

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I hope you all had a wonderful April, and that May is an epic month for you. Only 6 days to go until I’m suddenly a 13-year-old with responsibilities and expectations… uh oh.


Product Empties

A product is officially good once you’ve used it all up. Fact. Because if you’ve used it all up, it was obviously good enough to be used multiple times. I always tend to buy the same products after finding the ones I like, thus making me a pretty boring beauty blogger (I don’t tend to buy many products after finding the ones I like!) but pretty great at recommending products, which is what I aim to do today- so this post is a round-up of three of the products I’ve used up and really love.


  • My far and away favourite skin care product is definitely the Neutrogena Acne Free Face Wash. It lasts a very long time- my first bottle lasted about six months with consistent use. The smell is the best thing I have ever smelled in the form of a face wash and it does a great job at deeply cleansing, toning and reviving glow in my skin. It’s a great product and it’s perfect for when your skin needs that extra push.
  • There are a good number of products that deserve the hype they get, and I can confidently say that Maybelline BabyLips is one of them. The taste is amazing (not to mention how many flavours there are!), it moisturises better than any other lip balm I own and is a great base for exfoliation and a matte lip- the two things I ALWAYS need a good lip moisturiser for. It has a nice thin texture which makes it feel light and refreshing and never fails to perk up my lips when they’re lacking that bit of moisture.
  • Bath and shower stuff is my signature obsession- you already walk out of a quick shower feeling refreshed as ever, so why not make it feel utterly AMAZING? For me, my best product is The Seven Deadly Skins Exfoliator. This lovely-smelling body exfoliator has micro beads that remove dead skin cells and revive glowing skin again, which I love. Actually, make that Love, with a capital L. It never fails to make my skin feel fresh again after a long day and is super quick and easy to use.

What are some great products you’ve used all up that you like?

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How TV Makeup Works ft. A Makeup Professional

There are professionals out there who do this whole makeup thing, and I think there’s a lot we can learn from them. Personally. So I actually interviewed a lovely lady who works in the makeup industry- she does TV makeup for Channel 10 Australia and I think she had some really great tips that you guys can get from her- as well as a bunch of really cool facts about what it’s like to do makeup specifically for TV.

How long would it usually take to do someone’s TV makeup?
Usually, we allow about an hour- there’s two of us working on the same person so for example when we do one of our female hosts, one of the girls will start her makeup and I’d do her hair, and then depending on if they have a pre-recording session we might have to work a bit quicker but we generally have an hour per person.
What’s the best way to remove the makeup afterwards?
We usually do a bit if a facial after the talent have finished recording so depending on their skin type we use a whole different range of products. We sit them down and use a hot towel, cleanse their face and then moisturise so we can get all the makeup off…makeup wipes are good if they need to clean it off quicker.
Do you try to make the overall look natural or do you add statements and colours to the look?
Depending on the persons face shape… We have to work with different tones and colours, just to make them look nice and fresh and healthy, but all skin types are different, so it just depends on the person. Natural looks are best for TV, but obviously, you have to do a little bit more to look normal on camera.
How do the makeup styles for TV evolve over time?
What’s so good about the TV industry with hair and makeup is that there are so many of us in the makeup room and so many freelances that everybody does different types of makeup so the talent are never going to get the exact same look. They are always changing their look which I think is the best thing because nobody looks the same, and depending on the fashions that come in- different hair cuts, different makeup looks, so we always are on trend with different looks that we bring in to our industry.
In what ways is a TV makeup routine similar or different to a normal one?
With TV makeup, it’s a lot more about contouring the face, opening the eyes up for different coloured eyes, what they’re wearing, the style of the dresses determine what hair style we’re going to do, for example, so it’s just the whole look, the makeup and the hair and the colours that are involved will determine what we’re going to do each day.
What are some tips you have for anyone who might want some makeup advice?
The best thing when you’re doing your own makeup is just to keep it really natural, really simple. There are some really good tinted moisturisers out there that can help you with that. My three main products to have are a really good tinted moisturiser, a mascara and a bright lipstick.

I’ve personally seen what TV make up looks like off set, and it’s really impressive. On camera, it looks natural and simple, but IRL it’s so detailed and interesting. I really enjoyed making this interview- let me know if you’ve ever seen TV makeup IRL and what you thought!

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Three Ways To Style A Denim Jacket

Denim is an essential part of any girl’s wardrobe. It’s a classic and can be styled in SO many different ways. I personally love my denim jacket, since it is very timeless (I’ve had it for YEARS and it hasn’t gone out of style) and versatile- and today I’m sharing just three of the ways you can style your denim jacket (you have one, don’t you?).

Style one: Girl gone urban

I think a good way to give off a cool, urban kind of vibe is to wear the denim jacket with a dress (and leggings with boots if they’re your thing). It looks really put together, not to mention that it also looks formal enough for a formal event. I got my dress from Dotti (I am absolutely obsessed with Dotti, they make such great clothes!), my leggings from Coles and my boots from Target.

Style two: Oh, I’m sorry, rules?

Break the double denim rule with this easy tip: If the two denims are different shades, it looks amazing! This look is great paired with a striped shirt and boots (can you tell I may or may not be obsessed with boots?).

Style three: Just girly things

(Just ignore the purple stuff on my hands- I was at a makeup store and HAD to do lots of swatches!)

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of classic girly charm. I love to pair up denim with this vibe, it totally tops off the look. My biggest tip here is COLOUR. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pink (although it’s a great colour!), it can be any colours you like. Just avoid the colour of your denim jacket- that will clash.

How do you style denim?

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