Ten Things You Need On Your Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list of some sort. Even if you haven’t written it down, you probably have a mental list, like, “Oh, I have always wanted to do _____________________.” Well, now is the time to make your bucket list ten million times more fun and exciting. These are ten things that are non-cliché, but still fun and moderately easy to do, if you try. Get out your notebook or virtual bucket list in your mind and start dreaming!

  1. GO TO A MUSIC FESTIVAL- Because they are full of super fun things to do, gives you the chance to discover amazing new artists and all your friends can do it with you. The best time to do this is during the summer because it’s nice weather and everyone’s got nothing to do because it’s holidays.
  2. LISTEN TO THE NEW FOXES ALBUM- Because your life will be so much better with it.
  3. GO SNORKELING IN THE GREAT BARRIER REEF- Because soon it will be too late and the Reef will be dead due to global warming. Like, soon soon.
  4. DYE YOUR HAIR A CRAZY COLOUR- Because life’s too short to not become a unicorn.
  5. HIT A THOUSAND BLOG FOLLOWERS- It’s a lot, but you can definitely get there with a bit of determination and hard work. Good luck!
  6. GROW AND MAINTAIN YOUR OWN LITTLE GARDEN, EVEN IF IT’S JUST A LITTLE STRIP- Because succulents are great, but an entire garden is a lot more rewarding and gives a lot more back to your little Earth home (note: the Earth is not little. Oh well).
  7. MAKE FRIENDS WITH AT LEAST ONE PERSON FOR EVERY LETTER OF THE ALPHABET- extra points if you can make friends with someone who starts with X. Try and add at least one person for each letter into your contacts so you can keep track of the letters.
  8. GET A FULL 100% ON A TEST- Because smarty pants.
  9. RUN A MARATHON- Because you’ll feel so healthy after it. You can get a free app like Couch To 5 K to help you, and some of them are really fun like a colour run and normally for a great cause.

What kind of stuff is on your bucket list?

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