The Basics Of A Killer Blog Design

Blog designs are a HUGE part of your overall blog quality, so you always need to make sure it’s at its best. There are so many designs out there that it can kind of seem overwhelming to find the perfect one, so I narrowed it down to five basics that make a blog design the best thing ever.

  1. Colour of background ALWAYS go with a seamless, white background. Text can be so hard to read on a black or coloured background, even white text. Black text on a white background though is easy to read and will also make things like photos pop. Black backgrounds can often suck all the light and colour out of your blog (I just realised how racist this sounds out of context. I SWEAR THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEAN!).
  2. Space for widgets Wherever your widgets go, like a sidebar or footer, you need a space for widgets on your blog, like a follow button, a copyright message and archives. Sidebars are best, but any kind of widget area is fine.
  3. Consistent Don’t change your blog design every second day. It just gets annoying, and will drive people away from your blog very quickly.
  4. Built-in or manually added read more buttons Read more buttons are incredibly important in a blog. If posts are full length and appear on the blog at full length, the blog can be hard to scroll through and your readers are more likely to lose interest.
  5. Displays featured images and makes them all look streamilned, whether you change the size of the picture yourself or the blog does it for you No question about this, doing that makes your blog one BILLION times more professional and easy to look at.

What do you look for when choosing a blog design?

Screenshot (122)


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