A Letter To My Future Blogging Self

Dear Hatsy of 2017,


I know that right now the way I write my blog seems to make total sense to me and shiz, but I know that in the future I’m going to feel like ‘you were SUCH an idiot. So immature. What was WRONG with you?!’

The person I am writing this to is myself, exactly one year from now, so on the 4th of May 2017.

You’re nearly 14. How did maturity work for you? I’m predicting it went pretty badly for you so far considering that if I could I would dedicate the rest of my life to avoiding responsibilities, so….

Okay. Back to blogging.

I really just hope that

  • My photography has improved
  • I’m still writing regularly and with purpose
  • That the album went well
  • I feel happy when writing- still
  • You’ve managed to achieve some of your blogging goals, whether that’s a target follower count or a brand you’ve really wanted to collaborate with. I’m sure you can do it!

Maybe you stuck with blogging. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’ve gotten hate comments or maybe it’s continued to be the wonderful place it is right now- full of support and care and hope. I hope it’s the second option- I’m sure hate comments suck.

Whatever the blogging world held for you in the past year, I just really hope you’ve learned lots. Gained lots. Laughed and smiled lots. And maybe have found the perfect lip colour along the way.

I hope blogging still gives you the same feeling it gives me now. That little rush of excitement when you come up with the perfect idea for a blog post. That heart-warming moment when someone leaves a sweet comment or gives you a shoutout and makes you feel special. That bittersweet moment when you say goodbye to a part of your blog that you loved. Oh, not because you’re sad about it- it’s because you didn’t properly stir your tea and the sugar/tea ratio is way out of proportion. I must always have a tea when blogging- maybe you still do?

It’s weird to look into the future and not know anything, but hope for a lot. I just want to make all of these things a reality someday. The album, the photography, the blog in general- there’s so much I want to do, and blogging has opened me up to it all.

Good luck out there.

From Hatsy of 2016

Soo I tried the whole ‘letter to myself’ thing again, and this time I actually sent a letter to my future self via email, meant to arrive in my inbox exactly one year from now. Maybe when I get it I’ll write a little response to myself on the blog again. We’ll all just have to wait and see. I urge you all to give this a go and we can be ambitious together! Xx

Screenshot (122)


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