If You Get One Thing This Month: April 2016

A lot happened in April. My brother’s birthday, school holidays (yay!), lots of assessments (not yay…) and it was quite an exciting month for the blog too. I had some really fun interviews with some amazing people and got to make quite a few new blogger friends. However, it is now time to say goodbye to an awesome month (and hello to my birthday month!) and round up all my favourite things from April that I feel like everyone should try. Let’s do this…

Makeup: After hearing a lot about it, I decided to go ahead and buy the Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Gloss in Little Minx. This double-ended wonder manages to last almost all day with a few retouches and has a lovely yet bold colour. The shine side with the clear, glossy finish also works a treat, and I’m currently working on completing my collection with all the amazing colours in the range!

Skincare: I decided to make exfoliation a part of my regular skin care routine, and found this amazing wash with microbeads and a hydrating factor which I am loving- the Garnier Daily Pore Scrub Wash. So. Much. Glow.

Album: April has been a big month of music for me. I have probably listened to and fallen in love with around 10 new albums- I’m not even exaggerating. However, the overall favourite for this month (and you have to understand how hard this was for me to choose) would be  One More War by Robot Child.  I like the different styles they have in there, and my favourite song would probably be either Inside or Ignition (The Man Who Was Never Made is amazing too!).

Clothing Item: I have a very picky taste when it comes to choosing jeans. They must be at least a little bit washed out, so no solid colours, a comfortable fit and something that I fall in love with straight away. I had grown out of all my favourites so I reluctantly parted with them, and went to the shopping centre to buy some new ones. The Dotti Girlfriend Jeans exceeded all my expectations and were perfect for me- definitely part of my favourites!

Book: This is easy, although I have read a lot of books this month as well. I love Sophie’s World, a philosophy book in the form of an exciting Alice-In-Wonderland-ish fiction novel. I found it so interesting and a thrilling read right through to the end that I just could not put down! The ending was a bit crud but other than that, an amazing read.

App: I have been obsessed with the Camera+ app (an app for editing your photos on your phone or iDevice) for aaaggggeess now, so I figured it deserved an honourable mention above all the other apps I have used this month. The editing tools are out of this world, and it can do literally anything you want it to do when editing. It even has a feature where you can put different filters on top of each other, which I haven’t seen any other editing app do well before. Five stars!

Here’s a list of all the posts with their links that I have made this month, so you can go back and catch up any that you’ve missed!

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation Review | What Quality Is To Me | 3 Ways To Style A Denim Jacket | How TV Makeup Works ft. A Makeup Professional | A Letter To My Past Blogging Self | Product Empties | 7 Things You Didn’t Realise Are Making Your Blog Go Downhill | The Blogging Surge | 5 Things To Add To Your Morning Routine | Album Name, Cover + Release Date Reveal | Interior Design Like A Boss

I hope you all had a wonderful April, and that May is an epic month for you. Only 6 days to go until I’m suddenly a 13-year-old with responsibilities and expectations… uh oh.



5 thoughts on “If You Get One Thing This Month: April 2016

  1. Woah! You’re going to be thirteen! Happy early birthday. I just want to tell you, before then, that it is going to be awesome, suddenly, you are going to realize that things are a lot different – you are a teenager. It is VERY liberating, but you might also have some hard times.
    Good luck!
    I’m very picky about jeans too.

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