The Blogging Surge

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Okay, so maybe we don’t have to get that worried but I think there’s some ways we need to tweak our blogs now days. Blogging is HUGE now, and saying you write a blog isn’t as interesting as it once used to be. With so many blogs out there all doing their own little thing, us bloggers that have been here for a year or two (maybe even MORE!) aren’t getting as much attention as we used to, because of the new surge of bloggers of all ages and forms. So how do we get around that?

First of all, the fact is that if your blog has been around for a while and has already gained a big following (I’m talking about 500 followers+), you have a bit of an advantage. Even with the huge blogging wave hitting us at the moment, there’s still the same amount of people who read them. No matter how many new bloggers there are, it’s still just as hard/easy to get people to follow or comment on a new blog. That means that you already successful bloggers out there don’t have to worry as much. But we ‘still-making-our-way-through’ bloggers need a little more support.

Now that they’re gone, it’s time to create a game plan to ensure you are memorable and one in a million- quite literally.


  1. Respond to comments. Sometimes I don’t comment on posts just because I know they won’t respond- so make sure you try and respond to each and every comment.
  2. Blog about topics that you feel like you can easily write about, that will flow out of your fingers. There’s no point blogging about something you think is boring. It will show that you aren’t enjoying it and makes you less engaging.
  3. Read ALL the blogs. Just because there are lots of us now doesn’t mean we can’t support each other- in fact it’s the support we give each other that helps ourselves (and others) thrive as bloggers. You will probably definitely learn something, too.
  4. Be you. There’s no one better for the role.
  5. Be useful. People want to be able to take something away from a post. If they can’t, there won’t be any point for your followers to read it.
  6. Make your blog design nice- there’s nothing more off-putting than trying to navigate around a confusing, clustered or badly maintained blog. If you created your own design with HTML, this is twice as important for you- links can break and designs can have bugs more easily without proper maintenance and checks if it is not hosted by another website.
  7. Be consistent. Post a lot (if you’re struggling to find a schedule that works for you, check out this post. Remember- less is always more if you don’t have much time on your hands).
  8. Allow yourself room to grow. Something that’s so amazing about blogging is that it can show how we’ve grown and changed over the course of our lives. Find ways you can improve daily and watch your blog grow into something amazing.
  9. Quit the whole ‘follow for follow’ thing, if you want to get genuine followers. 50 dedicated and engaged readers is better than 500 ghosts- trust me. Follow for follow is something that attracts ghosts as followers, because they didn’t follow you for you.
  10. Remember that talent will always come out on top. You may be thinking ‘ugh, but those people who do literally NOTHING seem to get all the followers!’ and it may seem that way, but at the end of the day they’re not going to get as much reward in the long run as someone who has talent, dedication and real eagerness in their work. The people who get popular by doing nothing will eventually reach a mark and never go over that- it’s just facts. Do your best and find that your readership will rise.

Any tips you have for the bloggers in the ‘blogging surge’?

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