Product Empties

A product is officially good once you’ve used it all up. Fact. Because if you’ve used it all up, it was obviously good enough to be used multiple times. I always tend to buy the same products after finding the ones I like, thus making me a pretty boring beauty blogger (I don’t tend to buy many products after finding the ones I like!) but pretty great at recommending products, which is what I aim to do today- so this post is a round-up of three of the products I’ve used up and really love.


  • My far and away favourite skin care product is definitely the Neutrogena Acne Free Face Wash. It lasts a very long time- my first bottle lasted about six months with consistent use. The smell is the best thing I have ever smelled in the form of a face wash and it does a great job at deeply cleansing, toning and reviving glow in my skin. It’s a great product and it’s perfect for when your skin needs that extra push.
  • There are a good number of products that deserve the hype they get, and I can confidently say that Maybelline BabyLips is one of them. The taste is amazing (not to mention how many flavours there are!), it moisturises better than any other lip balm I own and is a great base for exfoliation and a matte lip- the two things I ALWAYS need a good lip moisturiser for. It has a nice thin texture which makes it feel light and refreshing and never fails to perk up my lips when they’re lacking that bit of moisture.
  • Bath and shower stuff is my signature obsession- you already walk out of a quick shower feeling refreshed as ever, so why not make it feel utterly AMAZING? For me, my best product is The Seven Deadly Skins Exfoliator. This lovely-smelling body exfoliator has micro beads that remove dead skin cells and revive glowing skin again, which I love. Actually, make that Love, with a capital L. It never fails to make my skin feel fresh again after a long day and is super quick and easy to use.

What are some great products you’ve used all up that you like?

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