A Letter To My Past Blogging Self

Dear Hatsy of 2015,


Okay. Before I go there, let’s rewind a little bit.

It was the summer of 2015. You had just moved house because of your dad’s new job. A few days after the moving process, you went to a picnic with some family friends you didn’t know too well but were very nice. Don’t ask me why they were nice to you. I don’t know myself. But Asha, that girl who was a year older than you (and still is, you know, time and all that) had a blog she wanted to show you, called Miss Asha.

Obviously, that instantly inspired you to make a blog as well. You couldn’t get started straight away, however, because Telstra and their horrible Internet service. You ended up making your blog on January 27, 2015. Yay?

Now I get to shout.


I don’t know why my Mum even allowed such horrible content to be on the Internet.

You know, all ‘#better internet’ and all that.

Those were the days when you thought gum was the only thing you needed to survive, Sharpies needed to be used on EVERYTHING, and when you thought post-it’s were the answer to all your problems.

WHY did you think that stuff needed to be all over the INTERNET?

I would try to forgive you, but I can’t. No wonder you didn’t have any followers for the first three months of your blogging life. YES, I WENT THERE.

However, I actually am grateful at the same time. Two reasons:

  • All those posts are deleted, never to see the light of day again. I’m praying, anyway.
  • It’s what got you STARTED.

It’s kind of what has shaped you into the person you are today, in a sense.

Without that horribly cringe-y period of my life, I wouldn’t have started my blog, I wouldn’t have found so many friends and I wouldn’t be able to claim the title of most Internet followers of everyone in my class. No-one really cares about that title anyways, not me or anybody, but still.

I don’t really think I ever thought that at this stage of my life I would be writing an album and planning on writing a podcast (shhh! Still in development), but I am and I am so glad that it’s something like blogging that got me here.

You were a loser, a nerd, and a crazy little freak and I love you very much for bringing me to where and what I am today.

Lots of love,

Hatsy of 2016

Hope you guys enjoyed this funny little post! Why not write your past blogging self a letter in the comments too? It would be fun to laugh at our cringey-ness. 🙂

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