How TV Makeup Works ft. A Makeup Professional

There are professionals out there who do this whole makeup thing, and I think there’s a lot we can learn from them. Personally. So I actually interviewed a lovely lady who works in the makeup industry- she does TV makeup for Channel 10 Australia and I think she had some really great tips that you guys can get from her- as well as a bunch of really cool facts about what it’s like to do makeup specifically for TV.

How long would it usually take to do someone’s TV makeup?
Usually, we allow about an hour- there’s two of us working on the same person so for example when we do one of our female hosts, one of the girls will start her makeup and I’d do her hair, and then depending on if they have a pre-recording session we might have to work a bit quicker but we generally have an hour per person.
What’s the best way to remove the makeup afterwards?
We usually do a bit if a facial after the talent have finished recording so depending on their skin type we use a whole different range of products. We sit them down and use a hot towel, cleanse their face and then moisturise so we can get all the makeup off…makeup wipes are good if they need to clean it off quicker.
Do you try to make the overall look natural or do you add statements and colours to the look?
Depending on the persons face shape… We have to work with different tones and colours, just to make them look nice and fresh and healthy, but all skin types are different, so it just depends on the person. Natural looks are best for TV, but obviously, you have to do a little bit more to look normal on camera.
How do the makeup styles for TV evolve over time?
What’s so good about the TV industry with hair and makeup is that there are so many of us in the makeup room and so many freelances that everybody does different types of makeup so the talent are never going to get the exact same look. They are always changing their look which I think is the best thing because nobody looks the same, and depending on the fashions that come in- different hair cuts, different makeup looks, so we always are on trend with different looks that we bring in to our industry.
In what ways is a TV makeup routine similar or different to a normal one?
With TV makeup, it’s a lot more about contouring the face, opening the eyes up for different coloured eyes, what they’re wearing, the style of the dresses determine what hair style we’re going to do, for example, so it’s just the whole look, the makeup and the hair and the colours that are involved will determine what we’re going to do each day.
What are some tips you have for anyone who might want some makeup advice?
The best thing when you’re doing your own makeup is just to keep it really natural, really simple. There are some really good tinted moisturisers out there that can help you with that. My three main products to have are a really good tinted moisturiser, a mascara and a bright lipstick.

I’ve personally seen what TV make up looks like off set, and it’s really impressive. On camera, it looks natural and simple, but IRL it’s so detailed and interesting. I really enjoyed making this interview- let me know if you’ve ever seen TV makeup IRL and what you thought!

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