Three Ways To Style A Denim Jacket

Denim is an essential part of any girl’s wardrobe. It’s a classic and can be styled in SO many different ways. I personally love my denim jacket, since it is very timeless (I’ve had it for YEARS and it hasn’t gone out of style) and versatile- and today I’m sharing just three of the ways you can style your denim jacket (you have one, don’t you?).

Style one: Girl gone urban

I think a good way to give off a cool, urban kind of vibe is to wear the denim jacket with a dress (and leggings with boots if they’re your thing). It looks really put together, not to mention that it also looks formal enough for a formal event. I got my dress from Dotti (I am absolutely obsessed with Dotti, they make such great clothes!), my leggings from Coles and my boots from Target.

Style two: Oh, I’m sorry, rules?

Break the double denim rule with this easy tip: If the two denims are different shades, it looks amazing! This look is great paired with a striped shirt and boots (can you tell I may or may not be obsessed with boots?).

Style three: Just girly things

(Just ignore the purple stuff on my hands- I was at a makeup store and HAD to do lots of swatches!)

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of classic girly charm. I love to pair up denim with this vibe, it totally tops off the look. My biggest tip here is COLOUR. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pink (although it’s a great colour!), it can be any colours you like. Just avoid the colour of your denim jacket- that will clash.

How do you style denim?

Screenshot (122)


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