What Quality Is To Me

Success and everything that comes with it is all a matter of your own personal thoughts. My view of quality may be very different to somebody else’s view of quality- I mean, some people don’t like Fall Out Boy. What a diverse world we live in. *snaps back to reality* Oh. Anyways. As I was saying, quality is different for everyone. If we all thought the same thing was quality, a whole lot fewer blogs would ‘make it’, and it would be pretty boring. However, that’s why I love the fact that we can talk about what we think the quality of a post is, and that’s what I’m doing today.

To me, quality is something that is helpful to many people and is interesting, engaging and thoughtful. I love posts that look thought out and full of effort. That’s what makes something memorable.

When I’m reading books, for example, if it looks well thought out, full of effort (as opposed to something that looks as if it was thrown together in two minutes) and very engaging and thoughtful, that what makes it something I like and find memorable and important.

If I’m reading a blog, the things that stand out to me are:

  • Good photography (I don’t know what it is, but I just LOVE looking at nice photography!)
  • Inspiring
  • Engaging
  • Important
  • Timeless

Why not check your post for these five things the next time you post? It would make your posts look like AMAZING quality every time.

I challenge you the next time you write a post to check it for these things and watch your reader number grow rapidly.

What does quality look like to you?

Screenshot (122)


10 thoughts on “What Quality Is To Me

  1. I really love this because I look for those things in a post too! like sometimes when i write a post up i’ll be about to publish it and be like…you know what, this is just so i can say i’ve posted today it’s not really good enough. anyways, great post doll xx

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    1. I agree. often I just post something because it’s my posting day and I feel obliged to post something, but it ended up not being my best work. That’s when I had to step back and start planning which posts go up when- I feel like that really helps me make sure I’m always on top of my game and making the best content I can. It’s helped a lot. I will admit that I don’t always have those things, but when I do I feel like my blog game is great. Thanks for reading!

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