15 Creative Notebook Subject Ideas

Notebooks are my life. That’s the only way I can say it. Notebooks are my absolute one and only, till death do us part, the chosen one, etc. In short? I absolutely LOVE notebooks. I will buy hundreds and hundreds of differently coloured notebooks, and each and every one of them serves a different purpose. Obviously, there are the clichés like my diary, my blog ideas notebook/ mood book, wish list book and gratitude diary, but since I am a self-proclaimed hipster I love to be different and unique. Unfortunately, because I have a blog, it is the unsaid given that I’m going to share all of my ideas so they don’t become so hipster anymore. So, without further ado, here are a few (15, to be exact) creative, non-cliché notebook subject ideas for your next stationery haul. (I may or may not have just stolen gotten inspired for this post by Mia from Okaaythen.)

  1. ALL THE FONTS NOTEBOOK- I recommend going on regular sprees through DaFont and printing out ones you like. It’s actually really fun to go through what seems like endless fonts and calligraphy and choose your favourites. I love doing this- it gives me inspiration for my blog sign-off and other projects!
  2. JUST FOR TUMBLR NOTEBOOK- You guys may be familiar with the famous ‘Wreck This Journal’ that is going viral all over social media right now. Why not make your own equally as social-media-worthy? Come up with creative activities and complete them inside the pages of the book, and post each new page on your social media. It’s epic. If you have an extra special creative spark in you, this is a really fun project!
  3. MY MILESTONES NOTEBOOK- My mum did this when I was a baby and it is so fun to go back and have a look at what happened and when. The good news? It’s never too late to start! Every single day is a new opportunity and chance to create a new milestone. This is also a great idea for your blog if it’s a big part of your life- for example, when you hit a new number of followers or officially hit a certain amount of likes (WordPress also notifies you whenever you hit a cool milestone- I always like to screen shot the notification and put it in a folder in my Camera Roll!)
  4. MY FAVOURITE WORDS NOTEBOOK- I’ve always had a fascination with words, how they form, the meanings behind them, how they work. Maybe you have a couple of words too that you want to write down and share? Just listing them when they pop into your head and writing down why you like them can be a great way to express yourself and document how you change over time.
  5. I’M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE NOTEBOOK- This would be really fun to take with you and go for a walk and wander through you neighbourhood or suburb, or when you go travelling. After you go and check out all the cool places around you, sit down for a bit and collect your thoughts about each place and what you discovered. You never know, it may actually inspire us antisocials to go outside (shock horror)!
  6. BECAUSE I’M THAT GREAT NOTEBOOK- Make a notebook that will one day CHANGE THE WORLD. Dreams about becoming president and defeating Trump for good? Write those down. Think you’ve finally found the correct theory about that TV show that is undeniably right? Write that down. Have a cool idea for your school SRC? WRITE THAT DOWN! One day, that notebook will be in the museum of you and noted as the notebook that changed it all.
  7. I CAN’T SLEEP JOURNAL- Pretty self- explanatory! Any time you can’t sleep, fill in the date, time and what you’re thinking about. It’ll be easier to get to sleep when you’ve gotten your thoughts out, and it’s fun to reflect on what you were thinking that night the next morning. I saw one of these in OfficeWorks (for all you non-Australians out there, read: stationery store) and it looked like a lot of fun, so why not make your own?
  8. THE IDEA, THOUGHT, FEELING A DAY NOTEBOOK- There is one rule to this book. You must write something EVERY DAY, even if it is stupid. I don’t care how short or long it is. I don’t care if you vent or brainstorm. No-one cares. It’s just a book for you write in every day.
  9. MY BIG BOOK OF [INSERT SOMETHING HERE] ADVICE- I’ve always been a fan of mashing up all the different forces and turning it into one giant force hub. That probably didn’t make any sense, but the reason I say this is because this notebook is just that. If you find any good advice (or have any advice yourself) in any subject you’re passionate in (blogging, art, writing, general wellbeing), write it down in the notebook and source where you found it. Once you’ve finished the book, you’ll have a huge notebook of advice from all kinds of sources. That ‘one giant force hub’ saying make sense now? XD
  10. MY FAVOURITE MAGAZINE PICKS NOTEBOOK- This is one of my absolute favourites. It’s so fun to gather all of your magazines and pick out your favourite photoshoots, products that you want to get, or advice. Magazines are one of my favourite things ever, and I want to be a magazine writer when I’m older so I obviously pretty much live and breathe them. I recommend you give this a go!
  11. THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION NOTEBOOK- If you’re anything like me (I’m listening to the song Gasoline at the moment so I’m using the term ‘like me’ a lot, haha), you probably have a bunch of random yet somewhat meaningful questions that you want to keep record of, or simply get out of your system (and writing them down is a whole lot better than bugging all your friends saying, ‘why? Why? Why?’). Like seriously, why were we placed here on this Earth? Why the hell is Kim Kardashian famous? Questions like these must be recorded! Every time you get a question like that, write it down! If you think you may have an answer, write it down next to the question.
  12. THE NEVER ENDING DRAWING NOTEBOOK- It would be so fun to start a random doodle and NEVER MAKE IT STOP. Every time you turn a page, you just continue the drawing you were doing on the previous page. Could you imagine how epic your notebook would look at the end? I find that starting a collection of random doodles at the start gives you a bunch of ideas to continue the drawing- also try to use the same pen/pencil the whole way through- if it runs out, just buy a new one of the exact same type. FUN.
  13. OOOH ANOTHER FESTIVAL NOTEBOOK- I started one of these notebooks this year and it’s been a lot of fun. Every time you go somewhere where you get one of those paper wristbands- Bounce, a festival, your school fete, etc., stick it into your notebook. It’s a great way to keep the memories with you forever, and over the years, it will get fuller and fuller.
  14. SAY WHAT?! NOTEBOOK- We all say stupid things. Literally, right before I started planning this post I asked my friends L and E if they think drink bottles get sad when we drink out of them (c’mon, it’s a serious question! Right?). Point is, it’s always funny to track these things. Over time, it’s always fun to look back at the hilarious times you had with your friends, family and yourself. Why not give it a go? You’ll write down a lot more things than you think… and not to mention it means you can make fun of people for saying those things forevermore.
  15. LAST ONE! STUFF THAT NORMALLY DOESN’T GO IN A NOTEBOOK WILL NOW GO INTO THIS NOTEBOOK- Water, tea, grass, etc., whatever you want! Get creative with different things and do different things with them. Maybe you could make a drawing of a coffee cup and then use actual coffee? Whatever sparks your creativity. Experiment and see what is fun to play around with. Good luck!

Now I think I have to buy 15 new notebooks.

Screenshot (183)



13 thoughts on “15 Creative Notebook Subject Ideas

  1. I LOVED THIS POST. Especially since I am so much like you in that I have piles and piles of blank notebooks and journals all for different uses or never picked up yet. And I have to admit I am a shameless dreamer of “defeating Trump for good” In fact, I think about it every other waking minute of my life! Oh, and every other SLEEPING minute too.

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  2. Some great ideas there! I particularly like the idea of recording blogging milestones, and writing down your favourite words! Just discovered your blog and its great, you get my follow! Hope 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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