Podcasts You Need To Hear

I’m surely not the only person who loves a bit of ear candy- people talking and addressing issues that we can all relate and respond to. It’s awesome- and there are so many podcasts out there that can do just that. I’m a big listener- I’ve always been open-minded with podcasts, which is why I’m rounding up my favourites today. Ready to fill up your phone with chat and fun?

Mamamia Out Loud- Hallelujah. Just hallelujah. This podcast is amazing and if you haven’t listened to it, you really need to try it. It is so addictive and there’re so many episodes- binge listening anyone? I love how this podcast makes you feel like you’re having a chat with your friends over coffee- it feels really natural- and it also is full of smart things. It isn’t just a couple of women talking about airheadish things- if that’s a word. I just love how much they talk about- it gives me lots of inspo for my blog and quite a few small talk starters for when I see my friends.

The Blog Millionaire- I obviously listen to a huge amount of podcasts about blogging and upping your blog game, just because they’re so useful for my own blog. I really like the ideas this podcast gives me for my blog and ways to help my blog grow. I love it!

Short & Curly- This podcast has only just started but I love the idea. It’s just a bunch of awkward questions that kids ask that parents refuse to answer, finally answered. It’s hilarious and creative. I urge both kids and adults to listen to this- especially if you’re a parent!

The Mindful Kind- I listen to a bunch of mindfulness podcasts so they’re a very popular feature on my feed. This is a calming and easy podcasts that give me a bunch of good vibes and ideas for a clearer and sharper view on life. It’s great and very easy to listen to.

ProBlogger Podcast- Told you I listen to a lot of blogging podcasts! It’s basically the same base as The Blog Millionaire, so I don’t really need to explain much more other than it’s really good and helpful, so you should definitely listen to it!

No Filter- Can you tell I’m a fan of the Mamamia Podcast Network? My favourite has always been Mia Freedman (soz other people on the network), so having a podcast that’s solely her (except for guests) is great! This is basically just a podcast full of guests and ‘where are they now?’ stories that I really like and find inspiring.

Let It Be- Yet another mindfulness podcast! This podcast is all about simply being and not being so rushed around everywhere- and this podcast is a great one to sit down and do just that.

ELISE GETS CRAFTY- This is a mixture of entrepreneur and website building. Since I’m not an entrepreneur as of right now, I normally don’t listen to those episodes, but otherwise, I love the advice it gives!

Just Between Us- Let’s finish this post with yet another podcast from The Mamamia Podcast Network, cause Mamamia Podcasts. This is a bit similar to Mamamia Out Loud, just people talking about things- so I obviously listen to it!

Do you have any favourite podcasts that you want to share? Have you listened to any of the ones I mentioned?


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