My Favourite Beauty Vloggers

I love beauty bloggers, but sometimes a bunch of text just doesn’t cut it for me- I need to see a video that gives me a straight-forward idea of how to apply something, or how a product looks on the skin. That’s where YouTubers, or vloggers, come in. I wouldn’t say I watch YouTubers as much as I read blogs- blogs are my forever first choice, or FFC. However, I still have quite the collection of favourite beauty vloggers since I watch them quite a bit- and this is the list of my favourites.


Mandy Ferrugia, also known as ‘A Girl, Obsessed’ on her blog- I love blogger/vlogger duos, and Mandy is a great mix of both of them. She blogs a lot more than she vlogs, but when she does vlog, I absolutely love them! I also am an avid reader of her blog A Girl, Obsessed and I love it!

Zoella- A classic but a classic for a reason! I don’t really know why I love her videos so much, but they’re just so amazing and I love to obsess over products with her. In short? She’s a babe and her videos are definitely a must-watch (that is, if you aren’t a part of her ten million following already)!

Shani Grimmond- Yay for Australian vloggers, amirite? I just love the humour and simplicity of this gal. She makes great videos that are fun and easy to watch and I have learnt a lot of great tips from her as well!

Gillian Bower- I will admit that she doesn’t always post makeup tutorials but her videos are always a great watch and a lot of fun- not to mention her editing skills are top notch!

Sprinkleofglittr, also known as Louise- Haha, every time I read the name ‘Louise’ I read it in Dan Howell’s voice. That’s not the only thing Louise is about, though. I actually learned about Louise through her book, Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter. After reading the book, I looked at her channel and HOLLLLYYYY THE VIDEOS ARE GOOD. They’re fun, well edited and very nicely put together. She’s amazing!

Who are your favourite beauty vloggers? Have you watched any of these lovely people?

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