Beauty Life Hacks I Swear By

I’m a huge fan of life hacks. I personally believe that whoever thought of those should get a Nobel Peace Prize or something because the amount of insanity it has saved the world from is so crazy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who agrees. I decided to share some of that love today and give you guys a couple of tips and tricks that I am currently swearing by.

  • If you’ve run out of primer, then a good moisturiser is a lot better for your skin and works well for the same purpose as a primer.
  • Not sure when’s a good time to wash your makeup brushes again? Use a scented soap or shampoo the next time you wash them. Use the brushes whenever you need to. When you can no longer pick up the scent of the shampoo or soap anywhere in the brush, it’s time to clean them again.
  •  You can use moisturiser and a little water combined to wash the makeup off your face at the end of the day.
  • Apply a little primer to underneath your eyes and then apply foundation to make a more even canvas for your makeup, making you look more awake.
  • The best way to pull off a bold colour on your eyes or lips is to wear something that compliments or matches it, no matter how small or noticeable.
  • Wearing rings will help you keep your hand off your face when you’re writing or simply bored- leaning your face on your hands causes germs to transfer, so using rings to stop it will help you keep your skin clear.
  • Guess what? Confidence is a sure-fire way to look great every time (yes, very cheesy, but it ALWAYS works and has to be said).

Do you have any beauty life hacks that you swear by also? Let me know!

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