What Is SEO? Answers + Tips

You are probably reacting to this title in one of three ways. 1) OMG, YES. I’ve wanted to know about this for SO long! 2) What the fudge? Everyone knows what SEO is. Well, I had heard about SEO everywhere on blogs but had no idea what it was. All I wanted was just any blog to give me a no-nonsense, straight-forward answer about what the heck it was and how I could learn from it. But now that I know, I’m here to explain it to you- and give you a couple of tips on what you can do about it.

SEO  stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and is the probability of your posts or other online content to be the first (or one of the first) websites to appear when someone enters something likely to have been searched into a search engine. If your posts are SEO-friendly, that means you’ve gone through the proper procedures to ensure that the title and post is

  1. Eye-catching (so any regular reader or follower of your blog will click it)
  2. A title of a query often searched or likely to be searched by a user of Google (or another search engine) so more people are likely to stumble upon it (including keywords, tags, etc.)
  3. Easy to find and likely to be the first response

Now that I’ve made that clear, let’s sort some tips for you to make the most of your SEO and overall traffic of your blog.


Your tagline is the short description of your blog, and on a lot of WordPress themes, is the first thing you see after the title of your blog. I find it crazy how many people overlook this for the power of your SEO. While your tagline may not be the very first thing that search engines will pick up, it’s more important than people seem to make it. The best way to optimise your SEO with your tagline is to make it straightforward that really shows what your blog is about. Focus on making it creative and unique later- while taglines tend to be catchy, the catchiness actually not the most important part of the blog.


For example, if you are talking about a Sportsgirl lipstick, it will be easier for people to find the post if you title it ‘Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick In Watermelon- Review’ instead of ‘The Best Lipstick Ever’. However, if you want to make the title interesting, you can still do that while paying attention to SEO by including the title of the product AND any cool or funny additions you want to add to it, for example ‘Cool For The Summer- Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick In Watermelon’


Not just your blog name (although that is a must obviously), but your pen name or actual name. If someone wants to find your social media, the first thing they’re going to look for is your name- lots of bloggers make their social media names for their blog their pen names instead of their actual blog name, so this is a must.

Follow all these tips and you’ll find that your SEO will be better really quickly and easily!

Do you have any SEO tips?

Screenshot (183)


2 thoughts on “What Is SEO? Answers + Tips

    1. No, I figured that if I wanted to up my SEO game I could listen to a free podcast or read a blog, instead of buying a textbook, you know? I’ve found that most of the stuff you can learn is on free resources- besides I hate textbooks in general because bad school memories XD

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