How I Deep Clean My Make-Up Brushes

It’s all we ever hear- ‘clean your makeup brushes. Clean your makeup brushes. Think of the germs. The germs, I say!’- but it’s no use being told that if you don’t do it well and effectively. I have a regular routine for my makeup brushes that clean them really well every time. Today I’m sharing that routine with you that I personally think is the most effective and helpful.

First I like to rinse out the bristles with cool water, just to get out any excess colour and to soften the bristles so that they are separated and damp.

Next I actually use my shampoo to deep clean. I use the Head And Shoulders Apple Fresh Shampoo. To ensure that the bristles are thoroughly cleaned from bottom to top, I separate the bristles so that they’re split in half and squirt the shampoo in between the halves then close the bristles together. I then use hot water to rinse the shampoo out- I also like to ‘paint’ using the brush on the bottom of the sink so that the colour comes out.

I repeat this a few times until the only colour left on the brush is a milky white on the ends because you can’t get that out.

I just the leave my brush to dry for an hour or so and then my brush is as good as new!

How do you deep clean your makeup brushes?

Screenshot (183)

PS. I’ve been watching videos of internet friends meeting for the first time and seriously like OMG I’M GONNA HUG YOU ALL SOMEDAY. SO SWEET AND TEAR JERKING. I’M GONNA CRY.


2 thoughts on “How I Deep Clean My Make-Up Brushes

    1. I’m sure it’s not bad if you don’t use very staining products. I just personally use a little boost since most of my foundation and other makeup is very staining and leaves marks on my brushes which I obviously don’t want. Thanks for reading xx


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