The Three Magic Networking Steps

Networking is a huge part of blogging. If you want to have a popular blog, networking is the single most important and efficient way to do it. However, good and all-around effective networking has quite a few layers to it- and today I’m sharing the three networking steps that are absolutely magic for the growth of your blog.

First of all: The big trunk

As The Nectar Collective described it, ‘imagine your blog as a tree. The blog is the big trunk in the middle.’ To start with your networking, it is always best to leave meaningful and thoughtful comments on other people’s ‘trunks’- their blogs. Try to find some new blogs if none of your current follows seem to be gaining you any new interest- and reach out. Comment on their latest posts and leave a small link to your blog at the very bottom- two links tops. This works great with both the author of the blog themselves and their readers. Be a regular reader too- try to comment on most or all of their posts when they upload them. If the author doesn’t notice you the first time, then they could begin to notice you after popping up in their notifications frequently.

Okay, nice audition. NEXT!: That thing you spend way too much time on

Oops. Social media. The fact is, everyone spends 99% of their lives on social media which is why it’s so good for networking. If you start a specific blog account on three or so social media accounts, it will be great for the growth of your blog. People often find their favourite bloggers on social media, so follow as many blog accounts as you can on your social media account, and if you haven’t already, make an account purely dedicated to your blog.

Hang on, what on Earth is Step Three?: IRL. *people remember what it is* ooOOooHh.

You’ll be surprised how many new followers you can get to your blog, simply by telling your friends and family that you have a blog. Obviously, you don’t want to go parading around the whole world being like ‘look. I have a BLOG. #respectme’ (because I don’t do that AT ALL… heh).

But seriously, it’s crazy how many people IRL will be interested in following your blog. I find that the best way to bring it up is when someone asks you, ‘so what do you do in your free time?’ just say something like, ‘I really like [insert hobby here], writing on my blog, stuff like that…’ because saying that you have a blog really casually often sparks their attention and people will be like, ‘you do? What’s it called? What do you write about?’ etc. And if that doesn’t work…

giphy (1).gif


Happy follower gaining!

Do you have any tips for networking? Who do you normally like to reach out to?

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