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What a commonly used hashtag- #NoFilter. But the question is, how much ‘no filter’ are we really seeing? Obviously, people hide private stuff because not everything is made to be shared with the world. But there are little things that we hide because they’re not really something we’d share. Like, no, of course I’m not gonna take a photo of my old toothbrush I found in my toilet sewage. I’m gonna take my nice new one and take a photo of that instead. Duh. So the point of this tag that I am inventing? To let these tiny little nit-picky things come out.

The Rulez of The Tag:

  • Link to the person who nominated you for the tag, and also link back to the creator of the tag and this post (ME! Hatsy! Yay!) because she’s nosy and wants to see your answers.
  • Write 3-5 little nit-picky things about you that don’t normally make it to the Internet- aka they get ‘blocked by the filter’ (you don’t have to talk about something really personal and private if you don’t want to, just write about something a bit weird)!
  • For extra points, you can make the featured image something that has not been retouched or edited at all!
  • Tag 3-5 people to also do this tag and let them know by commenting on their blogs/social media.

My random ‘confessions’:

  1. I have horrible mouth genes and my mouth is really crowded. I’ve had to get 9 teeth pulled out and I currently wear headgear for at least 10 hours at night. It’s not fun (geez Mum and Dad. SURELY one of you could have had a less cramped mouth?)!
  2. I will ALWAYS eat all the food, no matter how many times you tell me not to. OOOOHH gourmet pretzels! OOOOHH chocolate! *waits until no-one is looking* MINE MINE MINE MINE!
  3. I actually have very few makeup products. I only have one foundation and one concealer. Instead, I love to buy a whole heap of skin care products (although I am planning on buying a lot more makeup products from now on!)
  4. I don’t have an iPhone- in fact, I got one of the first phone models there was! It’s really annoying (as well as it being partly broken after me being reckless with it- part of the keypad is broken!) but the battery lasts forEVER so that’s a bonus.
  5. I’m actually pretty awkward when it comes to replying to comments. Sometimes I forget to until about a week later (oops) and I often find myself asking questions to the other person who’s commented on my blog and never get replies. I think I may be a boring person (especially with how sweet you guys all are with your comments- and I end up replying ‘thanks! It really means a lot. Chat soon amazing human xx’ like SERIOUSLY? Am I that un-creative?)

For this tag I nominate:

Emily from Its Emiwee

Rose from Rose Gold Linings Blog

Ariana from Raven Wings Blog

Alice from This Is Alio

Karen from Confetti and Curves

And if you would like to do this tag, I officially nominate you! I know that people always say that and no-one does it but if you want to do this tag, I would love for you to help me grow this funny little tag.

See you guys soon!

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6 thoughts on “#NoFilter Tag

  1. Thanks! This is important to have to show that people aren’t perfect, if you think of a perfect life all the time on the Internet it will make you feel bad. This is great!

    Liked by 1 person

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