Starting A Blog Masterpost

So… You want to start a blog? No problem! In this post, I have rounded up my best posts about blogging that will help you start your blog- just read all these posts for any advice that you may need in making your mark in the blogging world.

  1. Collaboration With Anna: Top Tips For Starting A Blog
  2. 5 Large Tips For Creating Original Blog Content
  3. How To Make A Blog Schedule You’ll Keep
  4. How To Gain Blog Traffic
  5. Plug-Ins To Add To Your Blog
  6. 50 Open-Ended Words To Give You Ideas

I wish you ALL THE LUCK for beginning your blog…


“DON’T BLINK… Good luck.”


Leave the link to your new blog in the comments below!

For all you experienced bloggers out there… have you got any tips or have you written any posts that may help some new bloggers?

Screenshot (183)

(PS. I’m still accepting entries for my album! You can enter here.)


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