3 Room Decor DIYS To Make Your Room Stand Out

Your room is your space, your haven, the place that you will most likely spend most of your time in. I find that having a unique room makes it all the more special and a lot more fun to share and live in. The best way to make it unique? Do it yourself! These are three room decor ideas that are easy, fun and will make you stand out from the crowd

1. The networking board
I love walls with lots of photos and quotes in them, and I’m sure that most people do as well. But honestly, those five tweets you pinned to the top of your feed KICKED BUTT. They were funny, intelligent, and actually had the proper grammar (CALL THE POLICE). Or maybe you have some other social media account that you post on lots which you wish you could bring to life. So- create a networking board! Start by printing out the logos of all your social media sites (the Tumblr logo, Twitter logo, the WordPress or YouTube logo, maybe even the iMessage logo if you had an awesome chat with someone on text or WhatsApp!) and then print out your favourite photos, tweets, emails, comments on your blog, etc. This is so fun and different, and will let you relive the memories.
Give it a little ‘oomph’: Attach the logo and prints to a long piece of string and hang it from the ceiling! Create multiple pieces of string and make each piece of string a different networking site.

2. The photoshoot hotspot
You may have one wall or place in your room that has ultimate lighting- basically everything GOALS. It’s time to start utilising that space! You may already use it in one way or another, but it really needs that extra kick so that it looks WOW. I recommend getting a bed sheet, painting, or fairy lights and taping, blue-taking or nailing them to the wall where the lighting looks best and call it your photo shoot hotspot. Make a sign that says ‘photoshoot hotspot’, stick it somewhere there, and get all the selfie props you need for awesome photos with your friends or even just yourself. Use and utilise it regularly and you’ll find that amongst all your regular Instagram pics in your feed, you’ll have quite a few photos at the photo shoot hotspot. It will look awesome!
Give it a little ‘oomph’: Every time you take a new photo there, print the photo out and use it as part of the backdrop. It will make it seem like an awesome gallery. It’s part of the reasons using Polaroids there especially makes it really special! Add the date at the bottom of the photo in Sharpie so you can see time evolve with you in your little photo shoot area.

3. The word wall
Some of you may have seen my post 50 Open-Ended Words To Give You Ideas, and that list included some of my favourite words. I’m sure you guys have some favourite words too, whether it be because they sound great, have a layered meaning or are simply inspiring or different, so why not surround yourself with them? If you’ve ever tried the ‘one word, one-year’ technique, that word or those words would be awesome words to write. Begin by cutting as many A4 sheets as you want into thirds (I find that around 10 A4 sheets work well, that’s around 30 slices of paper when you cut it up) and write one of your favourite words on each. Stick each slice up on your wall where you tend to do lots of thinking (your bed, desk, wherever you do makeup in the morning, etc.) and stare at all the words and ponder about them whenever you just want to have some time out.
Give it a little ‘oomph’: My friends’ sister L did this and it looked really cute- take a book you’re definitely not going to read again or just buy a really cheap one from the op shop and cut out the pages so they create little hearts, fold them in half, and make them go up and around your wall so it looks like butterflies taking off. This would be a really nice touch for a border for your words.

Whew! I hope this gave you lots of inspiration for your room if you’re looking to make it stand out. What do you like most about your room? Do you have any staple items to make it stand out?

Screenshot (183)

PS. Anyone notice that I finally changed my profile pic? I used it as my featured image for this post, and I’m really loving it. An amazing graffiti artist just re-did our graffiti along our street and it’s REALLY epic!


4 thoughts on “3 Room Decor DIYS To Make Your Room Stand Out

  1. yay! I always get super excited when I see you posted something new. I really like the idea with the word wall – especially the photoshoot hotspot. 🙂 I did something similar with black pieces of construction paper and wrote on them with white, for, like an inspirational message, and taped them to the edge of my shelf. It helps the area pop.
    It’s really amazing what you can do with paper. (I LOVE the butterfly idea!)

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