NIVEA Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream

I personally love moisturisers. They work so well and never fail to calm down my face if it’s dry, irritated or simply not at my best. Recently I was looking for things I could start using for my face and saw my this one in my Mum’s beauty cupboard…


Mum made me add this…


and after trying it a few times, I absolutely had to review it and share it with you guys.

This moisturiser is by NIVEA and it is from their NIVEA Soft range. Whilst I have heard a lot about them in ads on TV etc., not too many beauty bloggers have reviewed this before. I got mine in a tube and it has great value- and the little pot you can get in the same cream is even bigger.

This cream goes on really well with my skin and doesn’t feel too oily. It works very effectively with daily use and I think it’s safe to say that I am kind of obsessed.

I have normal-combination skin, and this product works really well (I haven’t had any breakouts since using this!) for me. My mum, who has oily skin, also uses this and her skin is also looking good (as far as I can tell).

An added bonus is that it leaves my skin really, really soft! It’s kind of hard not to touch my face throughout the day because it feels that nice. I think that it’s always nice to use a product that makes your face even and soft like this one because it makes applying makeup a lot easier in the morning, like a built-in primer.

In short, I think this moisturiser is a real winner and I will definitely be using this for moths to come. I love its value and effectiveness, and so far I haven’t found any flaws- in fact, this moisturiser is great for all different types of skin care.

Have you guys tried this moisturiser yet?

Screenshot (183)


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