The Struggles And Delights Of Not Celebrating Christmas

I know Christmas went away a while ago, but I have been meaning to post this and it’s better now than never, right? As you may know for my regular readers of this blog, I’m Muslim and thus I don’t celebrate Christmas. There are pros and cons about this, so today I am listing this all so all you who don’t celebrate can relate, and all those who do understand!

YAY!: Being able to reflect on what you do have and be grateful for it when everyone else is hoping for more and more.
UGH: Everything is shut, which means there is nothing to do. No going out for lunch STINKS.
YAY!: You can make the most of the Christmas sales and buy anything you like for yourself whilst everyone else is feeling guilty because they’re meant to be getting stuff for others. NO SHAME WITH A FULL CART IN THE QUEUE PEOPLE
UGH: None of your friends are available to hang out for the whole day.
YAY!: I don’t have to worry about chatting with the relatives that I barely know. Call me an antisocial heartless robot, but I always feel awkward when family I don’t know very well come over and I have to talk with them. Embarrassing!
UGH: When your friends DO end up coming over or texting you, the latest Insta post is a flat lay of the presents YOU DIDN’T GET. And they come over wearing the new make up YOU DIDN’T GET.
YAY!: The people who are normally ick to you (that mean cashier in the milk bar, etc.) tend to be nice to you for once due to the Christmas cheer and to you it’s just a nice break as a pose to, ‘it’s Christmas, get over it.’
UGH: Your holiday comes around, no themed movies on television or people wishing you a happy whatever. OH AND IF YOU CELEBRATE RAMADAN YES IT FEELS LIKE THERE ARE TWICE AS MANY DELICIOUSLY AMAZING FOOD AND DRINK ADS ON TV. The food you can’t eat *sigh*. And you can’t get into the cheer of Christmas like everyone else, even though it would be fun. TBH if my parents walked in on me watching a Christmas movie they may call me insane.
YAY!: I get two of my holidays instead of one! So I technically get my revenge. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! 😈

If you see anyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas on Christmas Day, please be nice to them haha! But consider the fact that they have a lot to be thankful for about Christmas like you, so you’re even! So in conclusion, you’re the same, even and one. So who cares?!?! (That got nowhere, whoops!)

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