If You Get One Thing This Month: January 2016

I decided that for 2016 I would start a ‘monthly favourites’ series for all my favourite things (It’s still okay to be in the New Year Spirit, right?). I love to rave about products in every category so I thought a monthly round-up would be the perfect way to express that. Here’s January’s line-up of amazing things.

Make Up: Okay, this is technically a DIY but it is make-up related and the best idea EVER! This amazing Australian YouTuber and babe Gillian Bower made this  adorable EOS DIY where you make CUPCAKE ICING-THEMED LIPBALM. Sprinkles and all. SOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING. She’s also made a bunch of similar ones like Candy Cane EOS and even a donut pillow, but the cupcake is my favourite. Oh may Ramadan be easy on me, or this may be a bad idea.

Skincare: I struggle with finding good skincare (as you may have noticed in this post I wrote about what NOT to do) so I was so stoked to find the Neutrogena Grapefruit Facewash. This smells amazing, makes my skin feel so much lighter and obviously clears my skin up. This is the only skincare product I have emptied and it will definitely be my only skincare purchase from now on. Many people have had reactions to it due to their skin type, but I’m kind of that person who have just ‘meh’ skin so it worked a treat for me and didn’t cause any problems. I LOOOOVE IT!

Album: Let’s just talk about my one and only (although I have loads of favourites, this will always be the first one I ever recommend to my friends), Cry Baby by Melanie Martinez. This is her first proper album and let’s just say that if she keeps on going the way she is, there are going to be BIG THINGS waiting for her. Each song compliments the last and really speaks to you with very meaningful lyrics and a funky backing track, and my fave song is Dollhouse.

Book: Often I find it hard to sum up my entire ‘book aesthetic’ into one book but this month I honestly can’t say it took any thinking. Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter! This book has completely changed my outlook on life and has made me grateful and happier for so much more. It’s such a great book that ‘Pollyanna’ and ‘Pollyannaish’ is actually a word on Dictionary.com!

Clothing Item: I loved this dress I got for the school social a while ago from Forever New. Recently I found out that I look great in navy so this was an awesome find! It was pretty exxy but it was definitely worth it’s money. Elegant, but still fun, and it looks amazing when you spin around!
App: It’s basically Instagram, but better and feels way more real. It’s called ‘ROOM for thought’ and the idea is that this app texts you at a random point during the day, and then it will open up the camera and you’ll have three seconds to focus on something. After those three seconds, you can add a caption and play around with their filters and then can upload. Unlike Insta, there isn’t a ‘comment’ or ‘like’ option or the ability to follow anyone, because no one has their own ‘individual account’. You can private your photos if you like (what I normally do) and you can see other people’s photos for a short time on the public wall. It’s such a fun idea and helps you have a look at your life which isn’t glossed up by the many glosses of Instagram and the blog.

I hope this gives you a couple of things to try out for the new month. February here we come!

Screenshot (183)

PS. I had my first day back at school on Friday! I’m coming to the conclusion that unless someone blows up the school within the next five days I’m stuck here for another year 😒


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