How I’ve Changed On My Blog Over Time

Okay, I’m not going to try to get through this for any longer- SQUEEEEEEEE! Today my blog is ONE YEAR OLD! Everyone does this but I decided I should also do a ‘reflecting on my blog’ post with a bit of a moral. Let’s DO THIS…

  • The main thing anyone notices once leaving the first year is that they didn’t have one very important thing… YOU GUYS! Back then it was me chatting with my computer, because I had a bit more of a social life then and didn’t really mind if my other friend was my laptop. I was having the time of my life!
  • If you start a blog, you probably won’t have the same things I didn’t. Experience! I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even kniw what the ‘post’ button did. When I clicked it for the first time, I actually didn’t realise I was on the Internet 🎶 for the first time in foreverrrr…🎶. Once I did, I went kind of manic. ‘MUM I’M ON THE INTERNET. HOW DO I TAKE IT OFF? CAN YOU CHECK IT?!’ I was acting like most Mums! I needed my Mum to give me the thumbs-up that everything was A-OK. So if you go on your blog for the first time and feel like a noob, DON’T WORRY, none of us had any idea what we were doing then and in a way still don’t.
  • I only realised after a long time that no-one had time to read really long titles that told the story of the post more than the actual post did. This isn’t Fall Out Boy. Now I like to think I have better titles that get to the point and grab attention without becoming A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out. (No offence to FOB or P!ATD, I love you both, we all love your long titles. It’s just that no-one likes mine.)
  • I have started taking my own photos. In the ‘olden days’ I would take the ugliest stock photo off Google I could find that I thought looked cool. Now whilst my photos are a little less related they’re actually mine unless I say so and look better. Soz Google.
  • I keep more open-ended blog post ideas in my blog book or blog brain. Yes I call it my blog brain. Before I had less exciting and open-ended ideas there and now I leave them a bigger gap to push ideas into.
  • Honestly, when I look back then, I could tell that I knew just about no-one was reading my posts. Now whilst I still do it for myself obviously, I feel like you guys have been brought into it a lot more. I blog to benefit you!
  • I’ve made blogging a little more regular, where as before it was more of just a ‘whenever I feel like it’ thing. Now I try to post at least twice a week (mainly Wednesdays and Sundays), sometimes more if I’m chock-a-block with ideas.


To finish this post, here’s a montage of some blog posts you guys may have missed because I deleted them!

Hey to anyone who’s reading this! This is your not exactly princess here, welcome to my blog!…

Okay, here’s a bit of a secret… If I hadn’t stopped myself, I would have spent half my life googling ‘coolest bedroom ever.’ DON’T ASK…

If it wasn’t homework, it was learning the lines for the school play. Isn’t homework the worst?!…

I love you guys. So I want you to know lots of stuff about me!…

So I thought of the BEST idea! What if…

Hey guys! So today I paired up and did a collab with my friend M!…

It was so hot at the Australian Open, I hung out in the fountain all day!

OOP! ZIP! Let’s get back into today, because I just died cringing then. I was so hyper it was like I was high. And now it’s been an entire year!

I’m so happy I’ve been able to record a year of my ramblings. I’ve watched myself grow from a short, awkward kid starting Grade 6 to a much taller, still awkward kind-of-in-a-way-young-adult-kid starting High School. It’s been a really big journey for me and I’m glad I can share it with nearly 300 people (!). Chat soon for another year (hopefully) of my ramblings.

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