How To Be Cool Headed In Teamwork Situations

School is right round the corner, *sniff* and I don’t know if I’m the only one but I absolutely DETEST teamwork and partner projects. I really prefer working alone and feel like I can never get heard in group projects AND I often feel like I’m always doing all the work. BUT I decided to brush up on my skills with teamwork and share it with everyone for the new school year- to help you be a positive energy to the group, however tedious it may be.

  • During the ideas process, create a brainstorm on a piece of paper and get everyone to pitch in ideas. Write every single idea down, even if you don’t think it’s good. It makes people feel heard. Grow on each idea and come to a conclusion for each to make sense of them. Here’s and example of what it may look like:


(Yes I did this all myself, it was incredibly difficult and time consuming. Oh the things we do for our blogs!)

  • If there’s someone who isn’t pitching anything in, whether they’re shy or just not the kind of person who cares, put them on the spot. Ask things like, ‘what would you like to be in charge of?’ or ‘what ideas do you have for this topic?’ It forces them to think.
  • Let everyone be their own leader. Ask everyone what they would like to do so they have their best interests in mind. For example, if you’re making a film, ask people whether they want to work on the story board, camera, being on the screen or editor. If people are doing their favourite things, they’re more likely to focus.
  • Multitask while still working together. Obviously there is a step by step process involved in some tasks, which means there may be points where some people are working and others have nothing to do. To prevent this happening, get everyone to sit together and set ‘this task for later’ which people can do once they’ve done their part.

Good luck with the group task from hell haha! I hope this helped. Am I the only one who hates group tasks?! Please tell me I’m not alone.

Screenshot (183)


9 thoughts on “How To Be Cool Headed In Teamwork Situations

  1. You are not alone! I detest group tasks too, because I mostly get put with the boring tasks when I want the exciting tasks! This year I am going to say “No, I am going to do what I want to do.” to make it a happier teamwork situation. I also would definitely agree to be the cameraman in the movie, because I love cameras and movies and photography!
    xx angie

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  2. I really don’t like working in groups either! It’s just I’m a type of person who likes things done one way and having to share something with other people usually frustrates me (I sound like a horrible person I’m not really ((I hope)) ). Thanks for the tips – I’ll use them in the coming school year!

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