Guest Post feat. Beautiful By Bella

Helllooooo peeps! Today we have a very special guest… Bella! She’s an amazing blogger and person. Honestly, she is! If for some reason you need proof, I got Bella to do a response to one of my posts- and she chose this one. But before you click that link, check out her response… And enjoy! Over and out from Hatsy… And here’s Bella’s post!


Hey Hasty’s lovely readers, I’m Bella from BeautifulByBella and this is our collab. I’m going to be doing my version of Book I recommend and want to read. I hope you like it and let’s get into it!

Now firstly I love to read!!! These are going to be my 5 top recommendations, in no particular order.

1.) Anna and the French Kiss. It sounds corny but it’s such a read romantic and comedic book, its set in Paris and it written so well.

2.) Girl Online. I love Zoella and this book has such a cute romantic plot and the main character has such cringe moments that you can relate too. I love the sequel Girl Online: On Tour too!

3.) The DUFF. Another romance book, but it really opens your eyes and the movie is so great too. It is super funny and can we please appreciate how hot Wesley Rush is!!!

4.) Hating Alison Ashley. I love how this book has such clever language and the author makes you fall in love with each of the characters personalities. It has almost a Cinderella plot line.

5.) Goodnight Mr Tom. This is a war story and is so cute and makes you really appreciate everything you have!

As you can probably see I’m a sucker for good romance stories, now these are 5 books I want to read.

1.) Vampire Academy. I saw the movie and loved it, but at the same time I don’t want to read it in case it ruins the movie haha.

2.) Let It Snow. I have read the first few chapters and am already in love with it, I can’t wait to keep reading it!

3.) To Kill A Mockingbird. My 6th grade teacher loved it and I’ve heard lots of good reviews about it.

4.) The Notebook. I loved the movie (except for the ending).

5.) Fangirl. I always walk past it and leave it, but one day I think I’ll make myself buy it.

Well there you go, I hope this helps you if you are stuck for a good book to read, and I hope you liked my post. Feel free to find Hasty’s original post here, my blog here and her collab here.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll hear from some of you on my blog soon xxx

Loads of love from Bella and Hatsy 😀


YES. Hope you all enjoyed reading Bella’s post and I look forward with chatting with you all next week! I’m sure you’ve now found a new blog to follow from this post. Okay I’ll stop now. Byeeee, heavy metal broke my *bang bang* heart, Phan is real, yada yada yada.

Okay, I’ll actually go now.


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