About Those New Year’s Resolutions

Yup, you’ve already ditched them, haven’t you? Well, the chocolate one at least. But! Before you click away from this blog to avoid facing the truth (that you’ve already had an entire Marvelous Creations Block), it’s time to figure out how to bring them back into your life.


When you create your goals for 2016, think about them on a deep level. Why do you want them? How will your life improve from them?

E.g. My new goal is to read more classics so I can learn about more writing styles to incorporate into my writing.

Think, why do I really want this?

For me, my main source of writing is my blog (as you probably can guess) so reading more books makes me a better writer. Being a better writer means more followers. More followers means my voice is bigger and it is easier to have my opinions and advice heard. I can help and inspire more people.

I guess what I’m trying to stress is that you need to break down your resolutions until you know how beneficial it is to you.

Think about these strategies when you are making your resolutions and whenever you seem to get off track from those resolutions.

Now that we are up to the most likely situation- straying from these resolutions- let’s figure out how to remind ourselves of them.

My biggest and easiest way to make this happen is to rely on your phone/ iPad/ iPod.

If you check it a lot, this will help!

Ask Siri (yes, Siri is actually helpful!) this simple question:

‘Remind me every day at (insert time school finishes here) to (question about whether or not you completed your goal today, e.g. did you read a classic today?).’

Once that is down, don’t you delete it or check it off unless you actually have completed that task!

It is very like humans to start ignoring the fact that the reminder exists after a month, because we’re used to seeing it there. This is why it is important to a) complete the ‘dissect the goal’ task and b) change what the reminder actually says every month or so. It needs to have the same gist, but maybe change a word or add one or two. For example, in January it may say ‘read a classic!’ but in February you may change it to ‘I SEE YOU THERE! Did you read a classic?’ etc.

And above all, remind yourself how guilty you feel each year when you don’t complete the resolutions! Why not change that? Feel awesome one year?

Good luck your resolutions and let me know what they are!

Screenshot (183)

This post is scheduled. I will be back on the 10/Jan


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