Lipstick For Each Occasion

If you need a lip colour fast that can’t go wrong, then this quick list will help you out. So long as you like it on your skin tone and use it when best timed (as stated on this list), you’ll be rocking these colours. Enjoy!


Deep Reds: Any formal events that isn’t too lively or whenever you’re wearing a hat as an accessory – it will help you really pull off that Taylor Swift look. Red Godess (I know it’s spelt goddess but that’s how it was spelt on the package for some reason!) by boe beauty, $2 at Big W

Light Pinks: If the event is extra formal, this may be a little too casual and fun but other than that, it’s a universally flattering colour for all occasions! Shimmer by Estee Lalder

Medium Pinks: Pretty much whenever. Go you!  Candy by Estee Lalder

Neutral: If you’re feeling emo or trying out a daring outfit. Go for a darker brown than your skin tone if it’s a formal event or a medium tone if it’s just a run-of-the-mill day. Mousse by boe professional, Big W

Neons: Like medium pinks, they are almost for whenever you like, but unlike light pinks, they are not universally flattering.  Coral Reef by ulta3


Just a PSA from Hatsy: don’t try writing with lipstick like I did in the featured image, it ruined mine! XD

Screenshot (183)

This post is scheduled. I will be back 10/Jan.


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