Things To Invite Into Your Life

Okay, so I’m pretty sure people have a good idea as what NOT to invite into your life; enemies, anything you know you shouldn’t do, olives… (don’t judge but OMG OLIVES ARE GROSS.) You get the gist. But I know what’s harder to understand is what you SHOULD bring into your life, whether funny or serious. Here’s my personal list that may help you along a little bit…


-True friends

-frankie mag

-Out of school activities

-Learning to pay a little more attention

-Finding new interests

-Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, twenty one pilots and Melanie Martinez


-Motivational quotes

-Values (what are your values?)

-A clean bedroom (yes, really!)

-New Insta-worthy stationery


-New Years Resolutions

-Pen Pals

-Washi Tape

-Bravery and a moral compass

-Books! Yessss.

-Typo! The stationery store not the improper noun šŸ˜›

-Scary waterslides

Screenshot (183)

I’m going away soon for a few weeks, so I’m making some scheduled posts. It’s not like me to post two days in a row, but I decided to make another to let you know about it.


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