Boredom Busters For 2016 Summer Holidays

Yep, that time has come again where it’s SUMMER HOLIDAYS! *woop woop, people cheer and clap* But (and this is a big but!) you WILL get bored eventually as time goes on and the excitement of finally finishing school wears off. But (and this is also a big but!) there is a cure! There are Ghostbusters, but I am the BOREDOMBUSTER! (too soon? Yeah okay). So, I am here to bust your boredom and save the day again! And don’t worry, this won’t cost you too much!


-Start cleaning your room (what? why? JUST DO IT!).

-Start a blog or writing a diary!

-FaceTime a friend and play Q&A.

-Read that book on your shelf you never got around to reading.

-Start scrolling blogs, YouTube, Pintrest, and Tumblr.

-Paint you nails with funky patterns and colours.

-Take photos on your iDevice or other item with a camera, playing around with depth of field.

-Enter that magazine competition (again!)

-Take a nap

-Look up ‘may he poop on my knee’ on YouTube and laugh for hours

-Ask Siri to play you a genre of music you like and she will give you an endless playlist of that genre (I dunno if it works if you don’t have Apple Music)

-Watch a movie

-Work on a long DIY project that will take a up a few days

-Re-read my blog (if you want to. I mean, I’m pretty awesome…)

-Go for a walk around your neighbourhood

-Write some life goals for the new year and begin to hatch plans as to how you can work towards them

Hope this helped in some way- happy holidays!

Screenshot (183)

PS anyone notice that I changed my theme? I was thinking about wanting something like this last night and suddenly it seemed so perfect! Hope you enjoy this somewhat ‘makeover’ ;D


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