Some Relatable Things

Today I thought I would write a little more laid back and funny post. I have personally come across these really annoying things that make me laugh later in life. I mean, I’m pretty weird, so maybe these won’t be so relatable or funny, but I can try!



  • Me when listening to REALLY good music or bands: Stop being so good no actually make more really good music I don’t know what to feel I
  • I hate it when people completely change their account and theme without telling us because then you’re like, ‘when did I even follow this person?’
  •  My biggest fear is that some homework I didn’t do in like Grade 3 will stop me from getting to a good job.
  • I hate those little bits of skin that flake off around your nails. IT HURTS SOOOO BADLY.
  • That moment when you walk into a store and want to buy everything that’s there and rearrange your bedroom to match it. Once I walked into kikki k and their shop had a tree growing in the middle of the store and I was like, ‘ohhhhh I just need a tree in my room it all makes sense now’
  • Nutella with strawberries. You didn’t even think about it but now you want some and won’t be able to go on until you get some right? Haha all my power.
  • Do you ever just listen to a song that is so powerful you actually feel a tingle like right there you can actually feel it
  • Dear teachers, I get that you don’t want me to talk and I understand that. I just want to talk to my friend please. Their crush is more important than algebra don’t deny it.
  • My second biggest fear is that I am actually annoying my friends but they keep it a secret because they’re nice and don’t want to hurt my feelings and they actually don’t care about what I say.

Phew! I think that’s it… for now!

If you would like a part two to that, please let me know! I would really like to make it a thing as I love to laugh! And don’t worry, I will still post my regular stuff.

Happy failing at being a human like I do! Haha 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Some Relatable Things

      1. how did you make the xx hasty ? is is so adorable !!!!! I love your blog ! sending your pen-pal package soon ! sorry for it being so late, i will send them regularly in the holidays !

        xx angie

        Liked by 1 person

  1. thought about the homework not done in grade 3 pretty applies to me now in college. If I bunk few classes, I think those concepts would surely lay me back somewhere late in my career.
    anyways, part two would be awaited =D
    (in case you didn’t publish it yet, coz I’m new to your blog)


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