Plug-Ins To Add To Your Blog

There are some things that every blogger or blogger fan will have, and it’s best to have those things on your blog in order to increase your blog audience. There are a specific few to have so your blog has all the things it needs but doesn’t seem too overpowered. Today, I thought I could share them all so you can add some new things to your blog.


Bloglovin’ Okay, so you’ve probably heard me rant about this a few times before but, OH MY GOODNESS DO I LOVE BLOGLOVIN’. For those of you who don’t know, Bloglovin’ is a third-party plug-in where you can follow all your favourite blogs and get email notifications when a new person posts. It is so important to add to your blog! Most blogs are divided by blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and SquareSpace, but almost every blogger has Bloglovin’. It’s a great way to unite all my followers and get more and more. Bloglovin’ is the main space where all my followers are, and I have 176 followers via Bloglovin’!

Disqus This is a commenting platform that, like Bloglovin’, most to all bloggers have. Whilst I don’t have Disqus on my blog yet, I am actually sorting it out so it will be on my blog soon! You can choose whether or not the comments are moderated, which is great because it means if you have a popular blog and having comments moderated just gets in the way, it can just go on, no fuss. Most people have it and it’s much simpler than the built-in commenting systems most blogs have!

Copyright Okay, so this isn’t really a ‘plug-in’ but it is worth putting a copyright notice on your blog. You don’t need any legal authorisation or to pay some brand for this- you can just put a polite reminder in your widgets to let people know that dis be your stuff and not to take it without permission or crediting you. If you don’t want people taking your amazing work it is definitely worth taking two minutes to do this. Do remember to credit other people’s work also when you reblog it, otherwise having a copyright seems kind of ironic.

These are the main three things I recommend, but what about YOU? What do you use/ want to try out?

Screenshot (183)


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